Tips for Cleaning silverware?

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  • William William on Dec 23, 2017
    I sell a lot of silver on Ebay. Jewelry, silverware, serving sets. Silver polish and dips tend to remove some of the metal. The foil method doesn't work that great and still leaves a grey film that still needs to be removed AND it also removes some of the metal. I use white toothpaste (not gel)and a damp toothbrush. For large items I use a damp cloth. Also works on copper, brass, gold, porcelain, ceramics, sneakers, plastics, etc. For my sales I needed one product for cleaning everything.

  • Emily Emily on Dec 23, 2017
    I collect a lot of silverware and always (well usually) use Wrights silver polish. I am going to try the toothpaste, William because I have a huge copper tray that I don't seem to be able to get totally clean.

  • Judy Judy on Dec 23, 2017
    Use Coke, this works great., if you are not happy with this, use a jewelry cloth, and this will do it too.