Can I clean and paint Greasy ceiling tiles?

by Meg
Ceiling tiles above stove have become greasy from stove exhaust. Can I clean them and paint the ceiling or do I have to tear out the ceiling and replace?

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  • Alyssa Alyssa on Sep 04, 2017

    What are the tiles made of? Are they tin tiles, acoustic tiles, mineral fiber drop ceiling tiles...?

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 04, 2017

    Or just plain white ceiling tiles? If so, just replace them and clean the exhaust cover. If you only need a few tiles, home improvement stores usually have broken (open) boxes and will sell you a few. If one says no, try another. And match the size, and don't worry too much about the number of dots. If they are clean, but the rest of the tiles aren't, they will never all match anyway.

    You will not have rescued anything until you clean the exhaust. The screen is probably the grimiest part, but hot water, vinegar and baking soda should break it down. Let the screen soak until the water gets cool. Then using a scrubbing sponge, use the soaking liquid and scrub the grease and grime away. Use paper towels to drain the screen on and don't be surprised if more grease seeps out. Wash again! By now any other removable parts should be in soak. Eventually, you will have to scrub everything that is not removeable. When the exhaust, hood vent, and stove top are all clean, you can put all the parts back together. Clean from stovetop to ceiling.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 04, 2017

    Put the exhaust filter in the dishwasher, or put in the sink with degreaser. I use Dollar Tree Awesome Degreaser, while your there get the car sponge, the round plastic scrubbies, clear goggles, and rubber kitchen gloves. If the tiles aren't too porous, you might be able to get the grease off, at least enough to prime and repaint area.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Sep 05, 2017

    If the tiles lay in a frame I'd buy new ones, if their ceramic tiles clean them. Use some vinegar with dish liquiid to wash them. Good Luck!

  • Susan K Mullins Susan K Mullins on Sep 05, 2017

    It depends on the type of types you have. The porous tiles may be hard to clean. The smooth tiles will be easier to clean. I would use a primer after they are dry from cleaning, before , painting.

  • Dayna Baker Dayna Baker on Sep 05, 2017

    If it's painted drywall I would sand it wipe off the dust and repainted ceiling

  • Barb Barb on Sep 05, 2017

    depends on tile. Ask at home improvement store

  • Merry Mount Merry Mount on Sep 05, 2017

    NO! paint will not stick. Strong vinegar solution, left on, several hours. A wet Brillow pad, and elbow grease.

  • Vbm7927319 Vbm7927319 on Sep 05, 2017

    Greased Lightning is another great product depending on the tile. Some tiles can be flipped as well.