How can I clean flying squirrels' urine off wood ceiling?

by Darlene
Flying squirrels are getting into our cabin and making a mess of things. Critter control has been called and have set traps.
q how can i clean flying squirrels urine off wood ceiling
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jun 07, 2017
    Dampen the spot and try sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda onto the spot. It is necessary to use the baking soda on a damp surface so it soaks up more effectively. Allow the baking soda you have spread over to sit on for several hours, or overnight. Then, vacuum it up.
    Hope that works!

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Jun 07, 2017
    put vineger in a spray bottle and spray liberally. It works great on cat pee so hopefully they are similar. Follow up with the baking soda above. If you need to hold it up, the plastic wrap that is sticky might be able to hold the baking soda up since it is at an angle. You can try it.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 07, 2017
    First, check with animal control if there is any health hazard with breathing it in or coming in contact, since they are wild. I would still wear a mask and gloves. When we had squirrels in the attic, they stunk up the upstairs. I found that they hate mothballs, so we placed some up in the attic. When we were sure we had flushed them all out, we put industrial strength odor absorbers in the attic after sealing all points of entry. Google odor absorber and it will give you links and lots of advice. We removed the mothballs, too, because they stink! So if you use them, keep track of where you put them. We had them tied into old socks, which made it easier to handle. As for the actual cleaning, unless animal control recommends something else, I agree with the vinegar. Good luck!

  • Barb Chipman Barb Chipman on Jun 08, 2017
    My brother swears by a product call awesome. I heard it gets rid of watermark stains on ceilings. good luck.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jun 08, 2017
    Baking soda will do the trick- best of luck!!

  • Jean~ wvpoemlady Jean~ wvpoemlady on Jul 21, 2017
    OH MY GOSH! So THAT is what is on the ceiling at our cabin!!!! We are building it as we can pay for it and then we saw THIS!

    For cat urine, I used peroxide and let it soak. Worked for us.

    I put a this from squirrels???

  • Randall Randall on Jan 31, 2020

    I live out on a 5 acre spread. I have several trucks and the squirrels and rats laughed at the exterminator. He left extra strength poison on my porch. They are it all including the plastic box. They pee on everything.