How to clean 999 fine silver?

John Jansen
by John Jansen

I recently bought some jewelery but find it does tarnish very easily and have never been able to clean it properly. does anyone know what I can use to clean silver?

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 07, 2019

    Hello, I like to use the jewlers impregnated cloth for jewelry Like this— non toxic made in USA.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 07, 2019

    Plain white toothpaste and soft microfiber cloth, dampen microfiber cloth and gently rub toothpaste in soft circular buffing motion then rinse with hot water dry asap to keep water spots from forming. Dawn dish soap and hot water in glass bowl to soak (not long)to remove grease,lotion,oily skin,hair products that build up on clasps, may need to use soft extra small bottle brushes,soft tooth brushes and wood toothpicks if intricate areas need cleaned. Do not use cloths that have fabric softeners on them or paper towels both will streak and smear finish and paper towels will leave scratches.Keeping Fine Silver,Sterling or Plated Silver in airtight zip lock baggies with no air in bag will reduce them getting tarnished. I personally like some of the patina from the tarnish on my silver pieces it shows off the intricate designs/highs & lows in the design not use any chemicals on your jewelry it will ruin finish

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 07, 2019

    Hi John, this may help

  • John Jansen John Jansen on Apr 07, 2019

    thank-you will try that

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 07, 2019

      especially silver plated -----it has removed the silver as well as the tarnish. example--"We used this process for a couple of years and the silver plated flatware started looking darker and darker until i finally took a piece to a silversmith and he told me that the process actually is "reversing the electroplating process" and said it would all have to be replated, which was far too expensive. This is why I am so adamant about telling people about this". When you rinse delicate jewelry pieces after they have been in boiling water, the sudden temperature change can crack the piece (you should always rinse jewelry in very hot water to avoid this). Also, if you have stones that have been set with glue, cooler water just might be a little less likely than boiling water to loosen the adhesion. no jewelery with stones except diamonds should be cleaned with any thing like this or other chemicals they are many treatments,coatings,certain organic gemstones, too many factors that could possibly ruin your pieces. I make,collect and sell jewelery and really recommend the old fashioned hand cleaning them.

  • Wright’s silver polish is what I use, comes with a little sponge that makes cleaning easy.