How to remove panel glue ?

I removed some old paneling that was glued to finished drywall and it left glue trails. All I’ve tried so far is scraping to remove. Any recommendations ?
q how to remove panel glue
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    • Carla Vickery Rudichuk Carla Vickery Rudichuk on Jan 06, 2018
      That's good info! Thanks. I would paint with eggshell or satin, but not semi - gloss on a wall. It sounds like you got the wall pretty smooth so if you like it shiny you could use semi - gloss (i like the less shiny satin) , but if anyone does this and their wall isn't as smooth they would be better off with eggshell to keep from accentuating any imperfections.
      Thanks for the video!

  • Annie Annie on Dec 31, 2017
    How big an area is this? Have you tried sanding it? It’s most likely construction glue like Liquid Nails which is very tough. Might be a lot less work to cover it with another piece of sheetrock.

  • Colleen McIntire Colleen McIntire on Jan 10, 2018
    A heat gun and a thin metal flexible putty knife just practice..not too much not too little works perfect. Be careful its hot.