How to remove toilet ring!!

I’ve tried vinegar n purex. Looking for a diy paste mixture! Help!

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  • Lou Clemons Lou Clemons on Jan 01, 2018
    I have found the stone that you use on your feet will get it off but will not scratch your toilet !

  • Bijous Bijous on Jan 01, 2018
    Use a pumice stone. It really works. It does not harm the porcelain. Follow the directions on the box. Good luck.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 01, 2018

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 01, 2018
    Add 2 cups of white vinegar and leave it set all night or all day. (like if you are at work , kids at school etc). Then scrub, reapply as needed. I also use Mr Clean Magic Toilet scrubber AFTER the vinegar application. (they are expensive and this saves money)

  • Kim624582 Kim624582 on Jan 02, 2018
    Pour bleach inside and leave over night...flush in the morning

  • Linda Wilson Linda Wilson on Jan 02, 2018
    CLR (calcuim, lime & rust) remover. Dump in at least a cup. This stuff is pretty strong so I would keep lid down and door closed. Let it sit overnight or all day (you & family are gone for day...) If you can let this sit, it will remove the ring with a swish of the toilet brush.

  • Maggie Maggie on Jan 02, 2018
    I have used coke cola in the toilet. It foams and scrub quickly. Sounds funny but us great

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 02, 2018
    after several attempts at manual scrubbing with no satisfaction I sprayed vinegar on the whole bowl then sprinkled baking soda overtop. Wait till the bubbling stops and swish with bowl brush and flush. Miraculous.

  • G G on Jan 02, 2018
    i live in FL where we have a lot of hard water stains. I’ve used all the suggestions the others have said & I have found that using a paste of baking soda & water to scrub with them pour in a cup of vinegar (it will fizz, which helps clean) then a quick brish does it. I do it often & it keeps it clean. Hope this helps.

  • Ade22392207 Ade22392207 on Jan 04, 2018
    I removed it with knife, then wil not harm the porcelain but
    it will smoothen!