Cat Pee on the Duvet! Ah! How do you clean that up?

Taylor Holsten
by Taylor Holsten
My sister moved in with a room-mate last night, and her room-mate's cat peed on the duvet. It is a feather duvet (in case you were curious). They aren't really sure what to do, I'm allergic to cats so I've never experienced something like this to worry about.
Is this one of those scenarios when you have to go to a professional?
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  • Alissa Piekarski Alissa Piekarski on Nov 30, 2013
    Nature's miracle has enzymes in it that break down the bacteria in cat urine so that may work....I've used it on carpets too but with a feather duvet they may just have to soak it in the stuff and then rinse it off and dry it, hope this helps!
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    • Anki Anki on Oct 15, 2019

      One of my 2 cats (both neutered males) had taken to painting all of my walls, furniture, and anything else he could reach. I was horrified when I got a UV light. He never did that in all of the 9 years I've had him and didn't when I got him a buddy (they love each other and did so right away) but when a strange black cat started showing up outside both of my cats went nuts and the older one (9) started his wall painting, as well as the curtains out in the kitty room. I couldn't keep up with it.

      My cats are indoor cats so it's not like the stray is actually going to get in here but they both hate him (and he is neighbor's cats hate him too). I've tried cleaning with a pet urine enzyme and then spraying some "No More Spraying" but that hasn't worked. He's a sneaky little bugger too; he waits until he thinks I'm not looking and then does it. He's learned that the minute I see him backing his butt up to something he gets yelled at.

      It wasn't until I found "Cat Spraying No More" that I was able to finally get rid of this tiresome behavior.

      Now my house doesn't smell like a litter box anymore :)

      Here's a link the their site if you're interested in checking it out:

      I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this. Cheers!

  • You probably have to have it dry cleaned. If the cat peed on it, there is a reason. Normal cat behavior is using the litter box or the outside not furniture, clothes, or beds. Your sister needs to make sure the door is closed to her room so this does not happen again. Reasons for cats to not use the litter box: 1) urinary tract infection/illness or 2) spraying to mark its territory if it not neutered or spayed (sometimes this does not help). Is your sister sure her roommate's cat does use the litterbox? I have known people to have and keep their cats despite using the carpet, bedding, or furniture as their litterbox because they find it to be "normal".
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    • @Taylor Holsten Yes,pets are a lot like humans. stress can easily cause this and they need to keep watch to avoid any future mishaps.
  • Kitty Sweet Kitty Sweet on Nov 30, 2013
    I have down comforters too, and know that dry cleaning is full of harmful carcinogenic chemical agents that I wouldn't want to sleep with. If the area is still wet or damp, rinse it under the faucet with cool water. Press dry between 2 towels, then spray with the non toxic, fully bio-degradable solution on the link. It digests organic wastes at the source. It is also a great product to have on hand for cat boxes and waste basket cleaning and deodorizing. Then let it air dry, or fluff just briefly in the dryer.
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 01, 2013
    We had a cat pee on the corner of our plush carpet. I tried all the enzyme cleaners without relief. Then I read to try vinegar, which I did. It worked! I had to really saturate the area, then let it air dry, with the carpet pulled back. I think that might work for your duvet. Good luck and I hope you find something that works as that smell is the worst.
  • Jay B Jay B on Dec 02, 2013
    Vinegar might work, but from expeerience , once it smells like cat pee, it will resurrect itself when it is hyumid, damp etc.. Throw it out and give pussycat away .
  • Sherry LaSota Sherry LaSota on Dec 02, 2013
    Throw it away!! You'll never get the scent out of the feathers that have, undoubtedly, been moved around since the incident. It will become a dog/cat 'go-to' for future furry visitors. Throw it away!!
  • Bluee8491 Bluee8491 on Dec 02, 2013
    ammonia....spray the area and let it dry,,once dry the smell is gone