How to Use Murphy's Oil Soap: 6 Unique Cleaning Hacks

Murphy's Oil Soap, a magical elixir that can transform your cleaning routine.

In this guide, we're going to uncover six ingenious uses for Murphy's Oil Soap that you probably didn't know about.

Let's make your cleaning tasks a breeze!

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Murphy's oil soap

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and grime with these Murphy's Oil Soap cleaning hacks.

Clean the car interior with Murphy's Oil

1. Revitalize Your Vehicle Interior

If your car's interior has lost its luster, it's time for some Murphy's Oil Soap.

Begin by applying a small amount of Murphy's Oil Soap to a cloth and give your car interior a thorough clean.

Sparkling clean car interior

You'll be astounded at how it can rejuvenate your car's appearance.

Versatile uses for Murphy's Oil Soap in everyday cleaning

2. Banish Marks from Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances often fall victim to unsightly fingerprints and marks. But worry not, Murphy's Oil Soap is here to save the day.

Dab a cloth with the oil and watch as it effortlessly wipes away those pesky marks.

Shiny stainless steel fridge

Finish with a dry cloth for a polished, fingerprint-free shine.

Scrub jewelry with Murphy's Oil

3. Bring Bling to Your Jewelry

Murphy's Oil Soap is not just for surfaces; it can make your jewelry sparkle too!

Dip a toothbrush in Murphy’s oil and gently scrub your rings and other jewelry.

How to use Murphy's Oil Soap: 6 unique cleaning hacks

Give it a rinse in warm water.

Cleaning jewelry like a pro Murphy's Oil Soap tips

Witness your diamonds and gems glisten like never before.

Incredible uses for Murphy's Oil Soap

4. TLC for Your Wicker Baskets

If you're a fan of thrift store wicker baskets, you're in for a treat.

Prepare a solution of warm water and Murphy's Oil to breathe new life into your baskets.

Revived wicker basket

It not only restores moisture to the wicker but also leaves behind a refreshing scent.

Revamp wooden furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap

5. Transform Your Wooden Furniture

Unveil the hidden beauty of your wooden furniture.

Dab a cloth with Murphy's Oil Soap and give your furniture a gentle wipe down.

Refreshed wooden vanity

This not only cleans but adds a touch of elegance with a polished finish.

Clean floors with Murphy's Oil

6. Rejuvenate Your Floors

Whether you have hardwood or laminate, Murphy's Oil Soap can work wonders on your floors. Mix it with hot water in a bucket and use it to clean your floors.

Murphy's Oil Soap for Gleaming Hardwood

You'll be amazed at the results, especially on real wood floors.

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Murphy's Oil cleaning tips

Murphy's Oil Soap Hacks

Now that you've uncovered these six brilliant uses for Murphy's Oil Soap, which one will you try first? Your cleaning tasks are about to become more efficient and rewarding.

Share your experiences and any other Murphy's Oil Soap tips and tricks in the comments below.

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  • Lainey Lainey on Oct 29, 2023
    Can it be used on other floor types like tiles?
  • Alma Alma on Oct 29, 2023
    Would this be good for water spots on vehicles??
  • Nin65783069 Nin65783069 on Oct 30, 2023
    I have used Murphys oil for many years. But, never on my leather interior of my truck. Do I have to rinse after wiping with Murphys on the leather?
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  • JAN JAN on Oct 29, 2023
    My family has used zMurphy's for washing cars since the 50's
  • Carmen Comrie Carmen Comrie on Oct 31, 2023
    Yes, I absolutely will try them. I believe it will make my cleaning task around the house and in my vehicle much easier and faster.