How To Correctly Clean A Fish Pond

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Cleaning a fish pond correctly includes draining it down to few inches, catching and relocating the fish and pumping out the rest of the water. Next step is remove all decaying debris such as leaves, sticks or whatever else you might find in along with the muck & sludge. Power wash the entire pond and all its filters. Now's a good time to adjust any rocks that might have fallen in and replace bulbs & flight fixtures as necessary. Cut back and deadhead your pond plants and start adding water. Add some de-chlorinator and re-introduce the fish. That's it, you have done the bull work and you can enjoy the pond for the rest of the year with very little maintenance!
Drain pond down until there's just a few inches of water, catch & relocate fish
Be sure to have someone help catch the fish and make sure they are safe.
It's a plus if they can catch frogs too!
Power wash the entire pond & filters
Suggested materials:
  • Power washer
  • Solid handling pump
  • Container for fish
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