How do I correct black spots on stamped concrete?

Robert Stiles
by Robert Stiles

I had a stamped concrete patio installed a couple of weeks. The color was lighter than I thought it was going to be but the most disappointing thing is there are black spots (attaching pics) I knew there would be variations but this is extreme. There is also a drastic color difference between the areas that are always in the shade and the areas that are always in the sun.The contractor and I are in discussion mode but he keeps telling me that it will be uniform in 2-3 months ... but I cannot see that happening. I will admit it has lightened up a little but it still looks bad. Can this be fixed? Can the color be changed to be more of what I desire? If so, how can this be accomplished? I want to have as much information as possible as I continue discussing the situation with the contractor.Thanks in advance for all your help.Best Regards ... Robert

Spotted section on the left (sunny most of the time) and consistent color and closer to the color, but darker, I wanted on the right (shady all of the time)

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