My car was leaking oil and now I have a mess in my driveway.

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Dec 18, 2017
    Pour kitty litter on it to sop up the oil then sweep it away. Keep doing this until the liquid is gone.

  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Dec 18, 2017
    Spray the stain with oven cleaner. Let it settle for 5-10 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush and rinse it off with your garden hose at its highest pressure.

  • Ellis Ellis on Dec 18, 2017
    Soak up the stain with kitty litter. Then use Dawn and water, brush well, and rinse.

  • Gary Mantei Gary Mantei on Dec 18, 2017

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 18, 2017
    Try putting down some cat litter and let it soak up the mess.

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 18, 2017
    I researched this and learned a few things myself. I read that oven cleaner or white distilled vinegar can be put on the stain. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then rinse off. They also make professional products for this exact purpose. I don't know the name of it but I do know that you can purchase it at Home Depot, Lowe's or your local home improvement store. Hope this helps you.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 18, 2017
    Another idea is to cover the area with cleansing powder, baking powder or cornstarch, then spread newspapers over the powder. If you can run over the area with your car tires, that would help with absorption. After a few hours, lift the newspapers and put them in a trash bag. Add some water to the powder and scrub with a shop broom or stiff brush. Vacuum with a shop vac or sweep the oily powder up and put it in the trash bag. If there is still oil to absorb, repeat the process. When you are satisfied with the result, dispose of the whole trash bag. Best wishes 😇

  • Castrang17 Castrang17 on Dec 18, 2017
    Oil Dry Compound, purchase at local hardware or DIY stores.

  • William William on Dec 18, 2017
    WD-40. Did a leaky oil pan leave a big ugly spot in the middle of your concrete driveway? To get rid of an unsightly oil spot, just spray it with a generous amount of WD-40 and then hose it down with water.

    Soda (Coca Cola). Here’s how to remove oil stains from concrete drive-ways and garage floors: Gather up a small bag of cat litter, a few cans of cola, a stiff bristle broom, bucket, laundry detergent, bleach, eye protection, and rubber gloves. Cover the stain with a thin layer of cat litter and brush it in. Sweep up the litter and pour cola to cover the area. Work the cola in with a bristle broom, and leave the cola for about twenty minutes. Mix 1/4 cup laundry detergent with 1/4 cup bleach in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) warm water and use it to mop up the mess.

    Oven Cleaner. Get those unsightly grease, oil, and transmission fluid stains off your concrete driveway or garage floor. Spray them with Easy Off No Fume Oven Cleaner in the BLUE can. Let it settle for 5-10 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush and rinse it off with your garden hose at its highest pressure. Severe stains may require a second application.

    Kool-Aid. Nasty rust stains on your concrete? Mix unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid with hot water. Scrub and the rust stain should come right out.

    Baking Soda. Salt and commercial ice-melt formulations can stain — or actually eat away — the concrete around your house. For an effective, but completely innocuous, way to melt the ice on your steps and walkways during those cold winter months, try sprinkling them with generous amounts of baking soda. Add some sand for improved traction.

    Ammonia. Tired of those annoying discolorations on your concrete work? To get rid of them, scrub with 1 cup ammonia diluted in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) water. Hose it down well when you’re done.

  • RC Leach RC Leach on Dec 18, 2017
    Put a layer of fresh kitty litter directly on the oil. El cheapo, store brand is great! Try to make it at least about 3/8" thick. If you want to speed the process, and providing the oil is not too thick, do some walking and grinding on it, but be sure to check your feet before walking away, and even if they are dry, you can track the whitish powder in too, if you aren't careful. After a week or so, take a stick or a putty knife or something, and check to see how it's drying. If it needs more time or fresh kitty litter (kl), (Very possible) Sweep off the old kl and put more, fresh kl down. When the oil is nearly lifted out of the driveway, it may help to grind it in with your shoe, and let it sit for a few days. You may need to repeat this fairly often, but eventually, you will be home free! It's actually very simple and easy, because you only need to actively do something once in a while! This can be spread out indefinitely, the oil is spilled already, so no need or reason to panic, just do the above stuff when you have extra time, it won't get worse, once the first application of kitty litter is down! I have done this for years, and it never fails!

  • Monica Monica on Dec 20, 2017
    Cat liter