How can I clean cobwebs and a musty smell out of an old basement?

by Chris

What’s the best way to clean all the cobwebs and musty smell out of an old basement??? Can’t hid the shop vac while trying to reach the webs up in the rafters

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  • A broom can get the cobwebs. I normally use the wand on my vacuum though. For the smell, there's a product called damp-rid that can be used to soak up the smell.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Sep 06, 2019

    About the cobwebs, yes, use a shop vac or a vacuum with a long hose to reach. I couldn't understand the question about the cobwebs

    As for the smell:

    Get a dehumidifier.

    keep the dehumidifier on constantly. You will see the smell will disappear. If you are dealing with a moldy smell, then that dehumidifier is the key! It may take months for the smell to dissipate but it should work. AND keeping water out!! You might have to fix any issues with your gutters and adding some drainage tiles in your yard underground to carry water away from your house so you don't get any flood waters coming in which will give all the musty moldy smells.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Sep 06, 2019

    I would use a broom to remove old cobwebs from the rafters and dehydrator to minimize the dampness. You may need more than one and leave them running until the dampness edge is taken off then leave at least one running all the time. You might try painting the walls with paint made for damp basements if it is cement or cinder block walls too. If there is paneling or any wood on the outside walls, it may need removed if it has been very damp for a long time. Good luck and hope this helps.

  • Em Em on Sep 06, 2019

    The shop vac hose should reach the rafters with the wand attachment. I agree on the dehumidifier. Walmart sells them at one of the best prices. Run it daily and make sure you empty it as soon as it is full.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Aug 12, 2022

    My mother used to pin an old tea towel or a rag onto the broom to sweep down the cobwebs. Then unpin and launder.

    If you have windows, open them when weather permits.

    We use DampRid, multipacks at Home Depot, Lowes, & Walmart-the kind that hang with bags to collect the water. They also have containers that you can set out, but I am too clumsy and knock them over and create a wet mess.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 12, 2022

    Add an extension onto the vac (Drain pipe)? Open it up to fresh air for as long and as often as you can.

  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 10, 2023

    How to Get Rid of the Musty Smell in Your Basement

  • Chris Chris on Sep 10, 2023


  • Deb K Deb K on Sep 11, 2023

    Hi Chris, hope this helps you out. Mold and mildew put off foul odors that can be absorbed and spread to stored items. The Fix: Give the basement a good overall cleaning. Start at the ceiling, clean down the walls and behind every item. Use bleach, borax or vinegar to clean and control odor.

  • Rita Rita on Sep 12, 2023

    Put some lime out for about a week or so if you can if not or this new product called The Pink Stuff I got it at Home Depot and after you get thou cleaning you can tell you cleaned your whole house smells so good I've got to go back and get me a large bottle