How do I clean a blk spray paint can that busted from heat on window ?


It literally looks melted onto the window sill and on wall and tile floor too! What can I do, again black spray paint!

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  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 02, 2020

    What kind of paint?

    • LibertySAP LibertySAP on Jun 03, 2020

      It was Thank God a Small can black spray paint for touch-up on a car! If not would've been worse!

  • Tom Stuart Tom Stuart on Jun 02, 2020

    Most spray paint is solvent based heck the can and see what it suggests to lean up.

    Start by scraping up as much as you can. The wood and wall can easily be repaired if you scrape too hard but the tile will show scratches so they have to be cleaned differently.

    Scrape the wood and wall as much as you can then sand it smooth. Use a primer then repaint.

    The hardware store should have a plastic scraper you can use on the tile. After scraping off as much as you can use mineral spirits or paint thinner to clean the tile. It might take a lot of scrubbing. You might soak a rag and let it sit on the tile to help soften the paint.

    If the paint is in the tile grout you might have to remove some and re grout.

    • LibertySAP LibertySAP on Jun 03, 2020

      That's what I was thinking to, some ran down the wall I will try that! thanks Tom!

  • A paint scraper should remove the bulk of the paint. You can get a solvent from your hardware store to remove the residue. If the windowsill is a wood painted windowsill you can try and use a heat gun with a paint scraper. This will remove all the paint including the paint already on the windowsill. But this would be damaged by the spray paint anyway.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Jun 02, 2020

    I would use some mineral spirits to see if you can get some up with that first. Then you might have to get out a stripper on the wood and wall. I would think the mineral spirits would clean up the tile fine but if not, use the stripper on that as well. Then you will have to sand and paint again starting with a primer. UGH...sounds awful!

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    • LibertySAP LibertySAP on Jun 03, 2020

      I was away since my AC was out for over a week and yes it happened! I had tried soon as I found out but it didn't quite work and now time crunch since moving out and want to fix it! Thanks

  • I would start with mineral spirits om a rag.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jun 02, 2020

    Scrape with a single edge blade will get it off the window and tile. You might try a plastic blade to remove bulk on the sill & wall. You will most likely have to re paint the area.

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    • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jun 04, 2020

      Try soaking a rag in mineral spirits or stripper and let it sit on where the window is painted shut. The you might be able to break the bond where the paint got into the window.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 02, 2020

    Goof off works on some surfaces, since I have used it for paint spills and drips. A razor blade scraper on the window will remove it from the glass. Since you're going to have to repaint, paint stripper may be your best bet for the wood. Citristrip is my go- to stripper. Sanding will probably help in some areas to smooth and reduce any drips. Before painting, I would use a stain block like Kilz on the wall. Treat each surface as a separate piece to clean and repair, since they each need an individualized approach. Good luck and stay safe!

    • LibertySAP LibertySAP on Jun 03, 2020

      I did use the citristrip but didn't it bubbled up and I scraped it off I will use mineral spirits. I guess since can was Black spray paint on white it will need another try to strip, Thanks!

  • LibertySAP LibertySAP on Jun 03, 2020

    Y'all have some great tips so glad to get responses!  Love It!