Don't Throw That Old Picture Calendar Away, Make a Decorative Plate!

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If your like me you have collected at least a few old calendars with beautiful pictures in them and hate to throw them away. Well this might be one answer to putting them to good use.
This is basically all you need . A plate,that matches the size of the picture you want to use, this is where a pretty garage sale plate would be perfect.. Mine was an eight inch because my calendar was small. Then you also need some glue, glitter and plate stand or hanger. That's it!
I made a paper temp-let of the inside diameter of the plate and placed it over the portion of the picture I wanted to cut out.
Next glued it in place, I used Mod Podge.
Now depending on the type of plate you have you can add a little sparkle with glitter glue or paint,so many options.
After it dried I sprayed it with an acrylic spray, not sure this is necessary but I think it helps keep the glitter from just rubbing off. Place in stand or plate holder and there you have it. I think they would make nice Christmas gifts don't you?
This is my next one.
A few more I did.
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  • Tony Tony on Nov 12, 2015

  • Barb Barb on Apr 24, 2020

    Charming Christmas idea and it stunning, thank you for such a wonderful creative idea that will work for any season. 💕