Patriotic Plants for a Fourth of July Party! #patriotic #urbanliving

So you're having a party for Fourth of July and you want to make it look festive... Quick! Pluck some plants from your garden, or swing by your local garden center, and pull together some beautiful, patriotic arrangements - simply stunning!
Verbena 'Lanai' with a dark blue petunia.
Yes, I put this together a few years ago for a client's 4th of July party using Budweiser beer cans and Impatiens (which, sadly, we should not be using due to downy mildew disease ). So: use red geraniums instead!
Red Begonias in a blue pot. There you go!
Balloon flowers - blooming now!
White begonias.
Blue ageratum and Saliva 'Midnight' - talk about Blue Heaven!
Daisies - what's more American and #patriotic than a white daisy with a yellow eye?!
This flowerbed was created with red and white vinca, and some blue ageratum for a 4th of July party.
Blooming now: Gardenias.
Combine red geraniums with Diamond Frost for a container garden.
Blooming now: cut some of those tall flowers from your hostas and put them in a vase with blue hydrangeas and red roses.
Combine blue and white hydrangeas, add some red ribbons, and you've got yourself a perfect centerpiece.
Blue Swoon: hydrangeas from the shade garden.
Do you have white lilies blooming in your garden? Put them together with red roses, and add blue ribbons.
Red Marigolds - I found these in one of my local garden centers.
Petunias come in many shades of dark blue, so pick up a few and mix them with red and white petunias.
Love these dark red petunias.
Roses.....are red. Blooming now, perfect for a 4th of July celebration.
Roses: white! If you have them growing in the garden, then bring them to the table.
Lovely red trailing verbena.
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  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Jul 02, 2013
    Oh my goodness. The Budweiser planters are so cute! LOVE this post.

  • Wallace Gardens Wallace Gardens on Jul 03, 2013
    I've also used V8 cans and "generic" beer cans for those table top planters. I just pop a few holes in the bottom of the cans with a hammer & a nail, drop in some small pebbles for drainage and stability, then fill with a little bit of potting mix and a small annual from one of those 4-packs you can pick up at the nursery. My clients have used them as party favors for their guests. @Miriam I