Transform Dollar Store Terra Cotta Pots Into Easter Table Decor

Melissa Lopes
by Melissa Lopes
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Using some acrylic paint, moss and Terra Cotta pots from Dollar Tree, I now have a adorable Easter Tablescape
I stated with terra cotta pots from the Dollar Tree. They come 2 in a pack for $1.00
Next I took some white acrylic paint and mixed with a little water. I didn't want it to runny that it wouldn't stick to the pot but not too thick that it would cover to much. Start by adding a little water at a time and mixing.
Once the outside of the pot dries do the same to the inside. It doesn't have to be the whole inside just enough so if you saw inside the pot it would look the same as the outside.
Next I took fine grit sand paper and sanded it to give it extra aging. You can go as heavy or light or skip this whole process if you wanted.
Now that your pots are painted and ready to decorate, take some newspaper of some sort and stuff your pot half way. This will help to stack the pots without having to use too much Moss.
Next stack your pots and fill the gaps with Moss.
I used Reindeer Moss from Dollar Tree as well for this part.
Follow the same steps for pots you will only fill with eggs. Fill half way with newspaper and cover the top with Moss.
Next step is to accessorize. I used natural toned speckled eggs from Hobby Lobby. I used my hot glue gun to glue them to the moss so they wouldn't fall out.
Lay them in all different directions and scatter across the table as many as you would like. These are perfect to accessorize your decor with this Easter.
Suggested materials:
  • Moss   (Dollar Tree)
  • Terra Cotta Pots   (Dollar Tree)
  • Speckled Eggs   (Hobby Lobby)
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  • Paula P Paula P on Apr 11, 2019

    I just love the look of these pots. I'm going to make some for my entryway table. Where did you get your scale?

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  • Myr78512458 Myr78512458 on Feb 25, 2023

    So cute. But- the flower pots at Dollar Tree are porous and break easily. You might want to put a sealer on the pots or buy better pots. Last time I bought a little bag of moss there, it was a loose mess. Better products are worth the money.

  • PaperCutPlace PaperCutPlace on Mar 21, 2024

    Fun project! Love it!