Cute, Simple Snowman Ornament

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My goal this year was a cozy Christmas - I wanted the decorations up that made me think of my grandma and my mom, I wanted Christmas tree ornaments from my choldhood... I wanted a cozy Christmas vibe throughout the whole house! My husband and I have only been married for four years now, so we don't have a huge collection of "personal" ornaments. So I thought I would try to DIY a few to add in that personal touch! So follow along as we make some cute and simple snowman Christmas Tree ornaments. This DIY would be perfect for kids, too!

Firt off, grab some battery operated tea lights. They will be the base of your snowman. We then used black felt pieces for the hat. I cut out a square and a rectangle so I could glue the pieces together and then glue them onto the tea light.

Once your hat is glued on like the image above, take whatever ribbon you'd like to use for the scarf and measure it out as well. I did this part in sections. I first put a dot of glue onto the back of the tea light and glued the ribbon to it in the exact place you see it in the photo.

Then, I took one side of the ribbon and slightly overlapped it onto the front of the snowman's face and put a dot of glue there as well.

I took the last piece and glued it in place. It should look like this! Pro tip - I suggest putting the face on (white sharpie) before gluing the scarf and hat! I left myself with very little room to squeeze a face on there.

Next, I glued a piece of small red ribbon to the back of the tea light to act as the hook for the Christmas tree.

Then, I started to draw on the face. I just did the typical two eyes and dotted smile!

For some extra pizazz, my mom came up with the idea to add a spring of evergreen to the snowman's hat. I cut a tiny piece off of a faux stem I had and glued it to the hat.

Like so! Get creative - these snowmen could have earmuffs or hats, scarfs, hat buckles, sprigs of evergreen, etc. Have fun with it!

Hang and enjoy!

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Suggested materials:
  • Battery operated tea lights   (Amazon)
  • Ribbon   (Joann Fabrics)
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun   (Joann Fabrics)
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