How to Make a Life Size Fake Snowman With Expanding Foam

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Take a trip to Walmart and grab some rubber balls and expanding foam, I am going to show you how to make a life size fake snowman - the most adorable Christmas craft to make the neighborhood smile!

This fun Winter DIY project will bring the spirit of the season right to your doorstep.

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Tools and Materials:

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Creating a snowman with Walmart materials

1. The Base

To kick off our DIY snowman, you'll need a base. You can use a round plywood base or a square piece if you prefer.

Attaching a rubber ball to a round plywood base with construction adhesive

Start by using construction adhesive to secure the rubber ball to the base. You may be thinking that this adhesive won't hold it in place, but don't worry; we have a solution!

A bottle of expanding foam

And here it is, snowy white expanding foam!

Applying expanding foam between the ball and base

2. Foam It Up

Now, let's bring in the magic of expanding foam. Carefully apply it around the base, but be cautious not to use too much. We don't want the foam to push the ball away from the base.

Expanding foam is sticky, which makes it perfect for securing your snowman.

Step-by-step snowman craft with expanding foam

3. Building the Snowman

Now that your snowman has its base secured, time to go up and down the sides with more expanding foam. This will create a snowy texture.

Black Christmas ornament to be used as buttons

4. Adding the Ornaments

Grab black ornaments, remove the top, and place them as the gumdrops on your DIY snowman's vest.

Place the ornament in the foam while still it's sticky

Make sure to do this while the expanding foam is still sticky, and it will adhere just fine.

Layering up with smaller ball

5. Layering Up

Let’s start layering our snowless snowman up.

For the next layer, grab a smaller ball and place it on top. Stick it right in the wet foam.

Now, continue spraying the foam around this second ball.

Don't forget to add more gumdrops!

Winter holiday home decor project

Grab your smallest ball for the third layer. Add a dollop of foam on the top of the second ball and stick down this last layer.

Foam snowman ornament tutorial

Continue adding your expanding foam.

Creating a snowy texture with expanding foam

Be sure to coat each layer thoroughly to achieve the appearance of three perfectly rounded snowballs.

Affordable holiday craft

6. Creating the Face

Every snowman needs a face! Craft the eyes, mouth, and nose using black-painted round pegs.

Add eyes to the foam snowman

Begin by sticking the eyes into the foam.

Festive DIY snowman for outdoor display

When working on the mouth, start at the bottom.

Create the mouth

Then work your way up to the cheeks, filling in the area in between.

Stick his nose into the foam

Create a carrot-like nose using a piece of wood painted orange and sharpened at the tip.

Secure it in place.

Handmade holiday decorations

7. The Iconic Top Hat

Now for the most crucial part: the snowman's top hat. Cut a wood round and paint it black.

Fun DIY snowman project

Then take a black planter and add glue around the bottom edge.

Make a top hat for the snowman

Glue the two pieces together.

When the glue dries, touch it up with some black paint for a seamless look.

Attach the hat to the snowman's head

8. Putting It All Together

As the expanding foam is still sticky, set the top hat in place. Your snowman is now complete! Decorate the hat and add a scarf to give your creation that perfect finishing touch.

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How to Make a Life Size Fake Snowman

And there you have it – your very own Spray Foam Snowman, a unique addition to your holiday decor. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, it's sure to be a conversation starter.

How to make a snowman from bouncy balls and foam

If you've had a blast with this DIY project, I would love to hear how you personalized it and made this snowman your own!

Winter art project Snowless Snowman

Share your thoughts, ideas, or even photos of your finished project in the comments below.

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