From Childhood Lightbulb to Family Christmas Ornament#SpiT Challenge

Took a lightbulb that Finally Burnt out (husband has had it burning since he was in 3rd grade..40 yrs later it becomes His Family's Christmas Ornament!
Size Difference between bulbs
To compare the size of this bulb, the white bulb is a regular size bulb. The other is an Old Edison Light Bulb. Big Hu?!? This light hasn't been in storage. It was used daily until it decided to go to Light Bulb Heaven. I guess you can say, they don't make them like they used to.
I started out by removing the metal ring that is on the bottom of your bulb. Behind this bulb was a layer of glass. Similar to an Edison Bulb I had to break through 2 layer of glass to remove its insides. BE CAREFUL, this is tiny slivers of glass.. Sorry I never remember the before picture. Always to excited to start SPiT'n...
Has you can see adding the Unicorn Spit inside can be messy! But what fun would this be if it wasn't.

I started this project out by taking a medicine dropper and filling it full of Black Unicorn Spit and squirted it all inside the bulb. At the same time I spun the bulb to let it coat Radom areas of the inside of the bulb.

I then filled my Dropper with Molly Red Pepper Unicorn Spit and did the same thing

Squirt, roll and admire your work.

Repeat with a Little white spit just let it highlight your marbling you have done inside your light bulb.
Once I had the look I wanted I tipped the bulb over so it could drain on a paper towel and dry. I let this rest for a week. Once it dried I grabbed some ribbon I had lying around and a paint pen....
And now we have our first Thomas Family 2015 Christmas Ornament..

Happy Unicorn SPiT'n!!
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