Asked on Dec 28, 2017

How can I build a dog bed off the side of our bed for 2 dogs!?

by Mw329096184
We have a cat, two dogs, and a baby on the way! The baby will be in a cosleeper attached to the far side of the bed. I would like to build something for the dogs to sleep on so they still feel close, but they are out of the bed! We are running out of room!!!
how can i build a dog bed off the side of our bed for 2 dogs
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 28, 2017

  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Dec 28, 2017

    you could build a platform wheels to slide up to any side of the bed.

  • Pascale Nguyen Pascale Nguyen on Dec 28, 2017

    Congrats on the baby! Maybe set up something like this

  • Joye R. Foster Joye R. Foster on Dec 28, 2017

    You are a lady after my heart. My dogs get treated like royalty. Do you want something for the floor which will be easy or at the height of the bed? Depending on the size of your pets you might put a pet bed on top of a small table. Push the bed and cabinet against the wall for safety.

  • Pascale Nguyen Pascale Nguyen on Dec 28, 2017

    You can open image in new tab

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 28, 2017

    The problem that I see is that if they are used to sleeping with you, they may not want to move. Some animals like the closeness of their humans and their warmth, especially in the winter. If you're going to have a baby, I would start training them now to sleep elsewhere. Use something that you can move to a platform beside bed - like Ann suggested - so that once the platform is built you can move it there and it will have their scent so they will be comfortable. I totally understand your situation. We have cats and sleep in different rooms because my hubby has to get up very early (3 AM) and would rather not use the stairs. The master BR is upstairs so we decided this would work best for us for sleeping. Every night one of the cats sleeps with each of us. But we don't have children but our grandchildren do sleep over once in a while. We co-sleep because, while they have their own bedrooms at home, they prefer to co-sleep there as well. Our cat still finds her spot even with 2 little ones in the bed. Wishing you the best & Happy New Year!

  • Bbc10296812 Bbc10296812 on Dec 28, 2017

    Our dog (he passed several months ago) was too large for this idea but a friend had attached wheels to a pallet so it could slide under her bed. She created a box out of the pallet and filled it with a nice mattress. It seemed like a nifty, mobile and comfortable/cozy dog bed. And I agree with Linda, you might have a training situation in front of you! Good luck!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 28, 2017

    Aw, that's a cute picture. I just went to the thrift store and bought two large comforters for my two large dogs. They love their "beds" and the best for me, is that they are easy to wash.

  • Happy Days Hometalker Happy Days Hometalker on Sep 05, 2020

    Been there done that. I would buy a Cal-King bed, your dogs wont like the trundle bed next to your bed they want to be next to you. We used to let our dogs sleep with us before kids arrived, once the pair went to their reward, we installed traditional dog beds in our room next to our bed and insisted on the pooches sleeping in their own beds. Good luck and Super Congrats on the new one !