Help! How do I put some WOW on my door frame?


Hi! Would love some ideas about this front door jamb.....over the years I have made the mistake of taping Christmas Decorations on the metal jamb, (FYI, DON’T EVER DO THIS! Lol...). I changed the house numbers from the right facing the door to the a result I left holes in the left side, caulked the holes but again bad idea, as the color has changed, the porch railing is new, and we are planting grass at the sidewalk curve, or maybe some type of plant, but nothing likes it there so that is still up in the air. I really want to do something that will POP with the jamb. An issue is when you are driving up the road from the left the carport does obstruct your view of that area until you get closer, and the outside light, which is new and I love, may fight for attention with whatever I put on that side. I saw a house with HUGE house numbers down the jamb, but at 50.00 a piece, (would need 3 ) am def rethinking that idea.

anyone have any thoughts as to what we could put there that is for outside, maybe a few things to switch out each season. Have a flag pole, but not crazy about that any more....

and and all ideas would be appreciated. Btw, the plant on top of bistro will have more color put in it this weekend....

thank You!!

q help how do i put some wow on my door frame

House face on

q help how do i put some wow on my door frame

Including carport

q help how do i put some wow on my door frame

Porch and front door including bistro table and plant

q help how do i put some wow on my door frame


q help how do i put some wow on my door frame

Door at an angle

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  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on May 04, 2020

    Have you seen what one of my friend's Chloe did to front door? You might like this ...

    • Margaret Margaret on May 04, 2020

      I love that, but not sure if the command strips would leave a residue behind on that metal......

  • Gk Gk on May 04, 2020

    Can you paint the door trim (where the house numbers are now) the same color as the shutters? That would draw attention to the door and it would make the yellow pop even more. I am not sure what you have planted under the smaller window but I would add more and something taller. It looks rather empty in that area. Good Luck! Have fun!

    • Margaret Margaret on May 04, 2020

      I have a tendency to change the color of my shutters every couple of years. Plus the door frame (trim) where the numbers are is metal with wood behind it, so really don’t want to paint that every few years. The plant is on top of a bistro table, will be adding more color to that this weekend.

      my desire is for something to attach to the trim that is vertical that can be changed with the seasons. Thx so much!!

  • paint the frame around the door the same color as the shutters a s then add some hanging baskets with colorful flowers on either side of the door

    • Margaret Margaret on May 04, 2020

      Not wanting to paint the frame since I change the shutter colors every few years.

      I don’t have enough room between carport and door for basket, plus the light on right side of door would not work for a basket.

      my desire is for something to attach to the trim where numbers are, (maybe take off numbers ) that is vertical that can be changed with the seasons. Thx so much!!

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on May 04, 2020

    You could cut your own house numbers out of plywood and use a wreath for the Zero.

  • I think paint is a great idea for the door frame. Another thought is putting a potted plant that climbs on the left of the door, maybe a clemetis?

    • Margaret Margaret on May 04, 2020

      no painting lol, I change shutter color every few years.

      potted plant may work if I had the space to put one there, porch space is taken up by the half round step, have maybe 8-10 inches there.

      my desire is for something to attach to the trim on both sides that is vertical that can be changed with the seasons. Maybe a vertical sign, metal.....

      ‘any thoughts on where to find one that doesn’t say “WELCOME” Since those are so common?

      Thx so much!!

  • Baxter Baxter on May 04, 2020

    Even though you keep saying that you don't want to paint...Painting that trim around the door would be the way to go. It is an easy project (simple to repair the marks and dents in metal---easier than painting shutters) that will give balance to your entry. And because black never goes out of style, the black trim could remain no matter what color the door is painted. I have used black trim around my front door for 30 years and I still love the look.

    • Margaret Margaret on May 04, 2020

      Hey there, the metal is not smooth, the edges are extremely narrow. We have had painters come look at it before and all said it would be difficult to paint over the baked on material, and the paint would not be even since surface is not smooth. Chipping off of the new paint would also be probable even with primer.

      I am going to figure out something that doesn’t include painting, just will have to keep brainstorming, but thank you!!

  • William William on May 05, 2020

    Command hangers do not leave a residue. Since you do not want to paint. I would make a long plaque or old picture frame with a wood insert painted black. Attach the address numbers on the plaque vertically and hang it right under the light fixture. Hang a fake floral vine on the jamb where the numbers are along the top and just above the door bell. Use Command hooks.

    • Margaret Margaret on May 05, 2020

      Rain is an issue in that area, so would need something other than wood. But I will look at HB or someplace like that and see if I could find something that would go there, a sign maybe that doesn’t say WELCOME, those seem to be everywhere.....

  • Marjorie Marjorie on May 05, 2020

    Hi Margret, what I see is a lot of colors. Brown roof, tan siding, red brick, white trim, dark blue shutters, golden door, green carpeted step. So your eye doesn’t know what to look at. I would take your siding color and deepen/darker shade and paint your door and shutters. That way it compliments your surfaces you can’t change. If you want that last step covered get a dark color closer to brick color. You could try peel n stick on your door frame that matches your paint and it’ll be easily removable. Just a thought. Love to see what you end up doing.

    • Margaret Margaret on May 05, 2020

      Shutters are hunter green. Steps are hunter green painted not carpet. Lol that front door is on it’s 8th color change!! Would love to do a turquoise, but need to think about that, don’t think it would work with the green shutters and steps. It used to be hunter green as well, for about a month, but there was no POP in that, could not even see it....I also don’t think turquoise shutters are a good idea as well, lol. The roof is actually light brown, it needs to be professionally cleaned, all the crap from the neighbors trees wind up on it and really mess with the color. Right now with covid here, not going to have people come out for pricing for the roof cleaning. Those trees are going to be the death of oaks, God should never have put them here!!!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on May 05, 2020

    Have you considered changing the color of the door?

    • Margaret Margaret on May 05, 2020

      This is color number 8.....when it was new, we stained it an oak color. Then we darkened it to a deeper pecan, This was about 15 years ago, railing wasn’t there, carport wasn’t there, so it was visible. Then over the coarse of a few years, carport was added, then door became a beautiful,red, then bright green, then dark green, a couple other colors, now the goldenrod. Shutters have been everything from black, to blue, to green, to that weird speckled color, didn’t last long, lol, now hunter green. I love color, railing was put up in November of last year, still trying to figure out if I need to paint the bistro patio table since you really can’t see it, going to order 2 hanging baskets with flowers, have no idea what color flowers, keeping the plant on the table, but adding silk flowers in it, again not a clue on colors. Maybe we should just move to a new house that is perfect color wise, inside and out!!

  • Tracie Tracie on May 05, 2020

    Remove the blind and cover the window with window film or clings to make it look like stained glass. That window is gorgeous but not being highlighted properly.

  • Janice Janice on May 05, 2020

    You have a very "busy" area to work with and so I would suggest keeping any changes you make VERY simple. Most sugestions made have been nixed, so all I can say is SIMPLIFY! Less is More! :) Have a great day!

  • Kim Compo Kim Compo on May 05, 2020

    I like the idea above of the window film to make it look like a stain glass window, but I could also see your door painted in a brick red. Good luck!!!

  • Margaret Margaret on May 12, 2020

    Ok, front door has been painted black,, shutters have been taken off, cleaned and are now being painted black, this afternoon front steps will be black, and this week we are putting in flowerbed or shrub bed around the front sidewalk. New house numbers plaque is on its way, and a wooden sign that will lean against house under the numbers that says HOME with a paw print for the “O”we have a mini dachshund.....sign is black with white lettering....Since yard is so hard, have decided to level that area, put in edging, put down some dirt, set black pots with yellow flowers in (since day lilies are yellow in other bed) and blue spruce juniper in between. Mulch will be put down too. That way during the fall and winter can switch out the flowers. Hung 2 Boston ferns in front of window but it is very crowded now with the bistro table and the big plant, so am taking that plant and putting it somewhere else, maybe out back. The dwarf nandinas in pots will be moved as well. . Mailbox I painted with white flowers, white post will be arriving this afternoon, so that will be put up tonight as well. Now, the front flower bed is still growing, it looks bare there, under bedroom window, so really really need to put something there orange whirligig is being taken down this afternoon, lol. I would love to put the bistro table and chairs under that window, maybe paint it...but not sure if that will look worth a hoot. Any ideas what could go there that would be interesting, that isn’t bushes or trees or plants? BRICK IN FRONT WILL BE CLEANED THIS WEEKEND.....

    Thanks so much guys!!

  • Callman Callman on Feb 21, 2021

    Hi everyone, I like your ideas, thank you for sharing. By the way, Margaret, your house looks great!

  • Don49748651 Don49748651 on Feb 21, 2021

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    • Margaret Margaret on Feb 26, 2021

      Aww, how sweet! We r putting an Emeral Green Arborvitae in the lower bed at the far right. It is about 5 ft tall right now, but will grow anther 5 feet or so over the next few years. This will balance out I think the landscaping. The wreath below will go on outside of storm door. Now to figure out what plants to line the steps and relocated Nandinas!....

  • Margaret Margaret on Feb 22, 2021

    Here are 3 photos of the front of the house from last spring and autumn, after everything was completed. I wanted to also add in what we did to the carport in back yard that we now call the “Gazebo”. Right now it is a blank canvas waiting on weather to get warmer so I can play in flower boxes and planters again. May put in a funky big planter in front bed, and will definitely be putting a crepe myrtle in white at far edge of front flower bed. Looking for a bush, not a tree, want it to grow into an bush like shape instead of a tall spindly tree. Will keep everyone updated!!