How to Make DIY Christmas Flamingo Yard Decorations

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Not everyone lives where it is cold and snowy at Christmas. I wanted to embrace my warm Georgia climate by decorating with a popular bird - the flamingo!

I didn't want to spend a lot of money so naturally I went to The Dollar Tree. Here's how to make Christmas flamingos for your yard:

Christmas supplies from Dollar Tree

I had no trouble finding all of the things that I needed to dress these guys including fabric glue, hot glue sticks and double-sided tape.

Mini tree skirts

I knew these small tree skirts would be perfect to make capes for my birds.

Cutting the tree skirt to make a cape

1. Cut the tree skirt

I started by cutting the tree skirt in half. Now I had two capes out of one tree skirt.

Trimming the cape

2. Trim the skirt

To allow the cape to fit, I cut off about 1" of the point.

Embellishing the capes

3. Embellish the capes

Now the fun part begins. And the only limit is my/your imagination.

I used fabric glue to attach pom-poms to one of the capes.

Adding small bows to a cape

I purchased small bows with wire on the end. I cut small holes in the fabric and inserted the bows through the holes. They were then glued onto the back of the cape.

Adding tinsel trim to a cape

I used hot glue to attach a fabric scarf and tinsel garland along the edge of two of the capes.

Using pipe cleaners to decorate the capes

Using pipe cleaners, I wove them in and out of the fabric making a random pattern. It was easy because the wire could easily be pushed through the fabric.

Dressing the flamingos

4. Dress the flamingos

Once the capes were dry, it was time to dress the flamingos.

Dressing the flamingo with a Christmas cape

To close the capes, I used pipe cleaners. I pushed one end of the pipe cleaner through one side of the cape and then through the other side. I twisted the two ends together to close the cape.

I put two or three pipe cleaners down the front of every cape to close them.

Taping the cape to the flamingo

5. Tape the capes

To attach the back of the cape to each flamingo so that it didn't slide around, I placed a piece of double-sided tape (which I also bought at Dollar Tree).

Making Santa hats for the flamingos

6. Make the Santa hats

To make the hats, I cut one tree skirt in half, in half again, and in half again so I could make six hats out of one tree skirt.

Closing the hat with fabric glue

I used fabric glue along the long side of the hat.

Using clothespins to hold the seam together

Then I used small clothespins to hold the hat together while it dried. The clothespins were from Dollar Tree too.

Mini Santa hats for the flamingos

Once the hats are dry, I decorate them using whatever embellishments I had left from making the capes, attaching them with fabric or hot glue.

Placing double-sided tape on the hats

7. Attach the hats

Using the double-sided tape, I placed two pieces on the inside edge of the hat.

Attaching the Santa hat to the flamingo

I remove the plastic on the tape and firmly pressed the hat on the flamingos' head.

Christmas flamingo display

8. Display the Christmas flamingos in your yard

Here they are! My Christmas flamingos are all lined up and ready to go.

Elf riding a Christmas flamingo

I added an elf from Dollar Tree to this guy.

DIY Christmas flamingos

DIY Christmas flamingos

Each Christmas yard flamingo is different and totally unique.

Christmas yard flamingos

Unique but coordinated.

Christmas flamingo yard decorations

Putting them under our palm trees makes a great warm-weather Christmas display.

What do you think of these DIY Christmas flamingos? Let me know in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tree skirts   (The Dollar Tree)
  • Embellishments   (The Dollar Tree)
  • Adhesives   (The Dollar Tree)
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