DIY- is there a way to do this on a budget?

I do not have cable any more, I have an antenna and get several channels. I also have Netflix and hulu. On hulu there is a way to get the diy channel stuff( it shows all the things I like but says connect to my carrier). I have a fire stick and since I dont have cable only internet with Comcast I cant get any of the diy programs on my TV. I looked at sling and I am not impressed. Trying to save money and all these add ons are too much. Is there a way to get the diy channel on my TV with out signing up for Cable again?

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  • William William on Jul 15, 2018
    I also cut the cord. Have antenna (made my own), internet, and Roku player. I subscribe to SlingTV. It's worth the money. Has the FYI, DIY, and HGTV among others. I also subscribe to Hulu and Netflix. No other way to get DIY. You can also do an internet search for free channels for the Firestick. Did that for my Roku. Got a ton free of channels I like.

  • When I was researching on how to lower my costs, I ran into the same problem. I do not own a computer so no Internet service, but cable is getting to be outrageous. I live in an area where there is no reception whatsoever, it forces you to have cable, satellite or many ridiculous providers that only give snippets of TV. Once you gather either the services or appliances you are right back up there paying what you would have if you stayed with a full service cable or dish carrier. $7 here, $20 there, it adds up! And all the incessant fiddling around with multiple electronic gadgets that cost yet more money in order to get a TV program on? Nope, no thanks, I do not have the time, patience or money to dump into the alternative TV trap. It will never be streamlined as the entities are all making money, and fool people into believing they are saving money. Whatcha really saving with all that fumbling and fiddeling and electronic stuff???

    I have never had The DIY channel, only HGTV, as the DIY channel is on an upgrade that I refuse go pay for. I do not have a lot of TV watching time, so no big deal for me, but would be disappointing if it was my favorite channel.

    They ought to go menu or cafeteria style with the channels, you pick which ones you want and that is what you pay for.

    Ask around, as you can hook your laptop to your TV (if a newer model), with an adapter of some sort, very popular with the 20 somethings that have computer service and fire sticks but no cable or dish service.

    • William William on Jul 17, 2018

      I agree with you 110%, Naomie. Consumers are d*mned if they do and d*mned if they don't. When I had cable the package I had gave me over 200 channels, no premium channels. My son liked SYFY. We only watched about a dozen out of those 200. I got more sports channels but iI'm not into sports. Cost became outrages so I chose to cut the cord. Did a lot of research before making the move. If the cable companies DID give consumers "cafeteria" style they wouldn't be making any money. Also the digital antennas companies sell for broadcast TV aren't worth the cr*p. That's why I went online and eventually made my own. Cheaper and better than store bought.

  • William William on Jul 15, 2018

    When I signed up to SlingTV they had a 7 day trail. You can try that and see if you like it. Since then they have added a lot more channels and adding more.

    • They still offer that here too. Some friends have it and some love it, some not so much. Depends on what your preferred programs might be. I love the PBS stations. I also think selection varies by market. What they offer at my girlfriends in NC is far different than what they offer where I live. Huge price difference too. Just requires thorough research in the area you live in and have newer up to date, compatible tv's. With the exception of the one in my kitchen, only 2 years old, the rest are at least 20+ years old and the one in my office is at least 40 years old, yet for non HD service has the best picture, go figure. 😊