Mini Roses and Butter Dish Design

Cut the mini roses a the base of the flower. Line them up, shoulder to shoulder on a shallow dish such as a butter dish. The dish will hold enough water to hydrate roses for a day or two. These would make lovely personal table settings or other design accents. I should have arranged these more symmetrical. (two rows, straight, each row an even amount ), You can add other small details to embellish if you would like.
Mini roses are in abundance to purchase on Valentine's Day and Mother's day in stores such as Walmart and Kmart. These roses if planted, will flourish in your garden and I have found them to be winter hardy as well. Just feed, give them lots of water and make sure they have plenty of sun. They will give you many years of beauty. If you live in an area where Japanese beetles are in abundance, make sure you keep a close eye on your roses. Those bugs will devour them in no time. I pick them off and into a bucket of alcohol or bleach water. It sounds gory, but it is the best plan of elimination I have found. If you are squeamish, wear gloves. My husband laughs at me as I head out the door on a bug murdering spree.

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Melnee Benfield
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