Asked on Feb 27, 2015

Hanging a large wooden spoon and fork horizontally?

Cindy Roehm
by Cindy Roehm
I have a large wooden spoon and fork set with carved handles (attached a picture that is "like" my set). How can I successfully hang items horizontally (so I am not hanging from the hole in the handle) --- I have tried velcro, putty, etc. I have been putting the stuff on the back of the spoon/fork at the bumpiest point and pressing it to the wall. Velcro worked pretty well -- putty not at all. I need to know what the miracle product is!!! :-)
See the bumpy handles -- these are not flat and not sure how to get them on the wall!! They are NOT terribly heavy.
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  • ....I was going to suggest putting them INSIDE of a frame of some kind....with a background of something you like, and then hang the frame. This way, its customizable , looks more ' finished '....and no issues with a problem of hanging it. :)
  • Jeanne Jeanne on Feb 27, 2015
    How about some very small eye hooks screwed into the sides of the utensils?
  • Cindy Roehm Cindy Roehm on Feb 27, 2015
    I think I may try something with a pop can pull tab to fashion a hanger on the main part of the spoon / fork and may be a smaller washer or something I can pull out of the junk drawer -- had not thought about putting hangers on them and using small nails to keep them hung. Feeling pretty foolish. :-)
  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Feb 27, 2015
    Try this. Depending on how long each piece is, get at least 2, perhaps 3, soda can pop top rings for each one. Slightly bend the largest opening of the ring at an angle, then hot glue the small opposite end onto your fork/spoon on each end and, if necessary, at a third point. Cover the hot glued part with a bit of felt (hot glued over the metal pop ring) so you don't scratch/mar your wall. Measure where you wish to put nails/screws for your pieces and use the can rings as your hangers. Two things happen. One, the rings will be secure enough to hold the art and, secondly, you have done nothing to damage them should you wish to do something else with them and remove the "hangers."
  • Amintaa Alaniz Amintaa Alaniz on Feb 28, 2015
    i used thin wire & cut to length I wanted.
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Feb 28, 2015
    You should ask the people for "Everybody Loves Raymond". Ma had them hanging on her kitchen wall all through the series?
  • Donna coronado Donna coronado on Feb 28, 2015
    A nail in the holes at the handles and a picture hanger on the curved part of the fork and spoon.
  • Brenda Wells Brenda Wells on Feb 28, 2015
    I would reverse them. ..handles on the bottom. Then carefully attach picture hangers. DO NOT HAMMER NAILS. Predrill small holes before putting screws in. Then mount them staggered. It will look better than trying to hang them at the same level.
  • PattyV PattyV on Feb 28, 2015
    How about the clear putty type stuff that publishers attached to magazines? We used some at work to hold a rather large map and it did a great job.
  • Cindy Roehm Cindy Roehm on Feb 28, 2015
    I did it! Close to Donna's suggestion. Sticky cloth eyelets on the bowl and tines hanging from cup holder hook and then let brackets to support through the holes on handles! Thanks all!
  • PB PB on Feb 28, 2015
    Command Strips work wonderfully!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Mar 01, 2015
    My go to is my son-in-laws fishing line. It is basically invisible. Just tie it on a suitable spot and attach to tiny nails behind. 4 pieces of line, and 4 tiny nails.