How can I turn a gas grill into a charcoal grill?

by Terrie

I have a gas grill that I would like to turn it into a charcoal grill, any ideas, I just don't want to throw it out. Still in good shape.

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  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 26, 2018

    Hi Terrie. I'm Cindy. Begin by removing the propane tank. Next, put the charcoal on top of the lower grates. Light the charcoal. Then put the top grates back in the grill. If there aren't any air holes in the grill, you may want to put something that will keep the top ajar.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Nov 27, 2018

    Just disconnect and remove propane tank. Remove the ceramic coals. Use as a charcoal grill. Save your parts in cases you change your mind or want to sell.

  • Remove all the propane attachments?

  • Diane Coverdale Diane Coverdale on Nov 27, 2018

    I think you should remove anything that could be affected by the heat, so any nearby propane lines or attachments (like knobs, hoses that could melt or distort) should be removed and stored in a box for possible future use). The grate that held the lava stones can be used to hold the charcoal bricks or lumps.

  • Blaqbutterfly Blaqbutterfly on Nov 27, 2018

    Take off the tank and remove the burners. Cover the bottom with foil thick enough to be lifted out at clean up time. If you need air holes anyplace, just poke the foil.

  • RJ Baetig RJ Baetig on Nov 27, 2018

    Terrie stated it was a gas grill, that would mean there is no propane on this BBQ... for those of you that actually answered if it was a propane BBQ

  • BrokeCrazyLady BrokeCrazyLady on Nov 28, 2018

    All the above answers hold true, but also remember that the bottom of a propane grill isn't designed to handle the heat of a fire directly on the metal. Once you've removed the other components, you may want to put a thin sheet of steel on the bottom to prevent damage.

    I have to replace my charcoal grill about every five years because I live in a mesquite forest and have all the mesquite wood I want by merely walking to the corners of the yard and pulling down the old dead branches. Mesquite burns much hotter than charcoal and the bottoms of my grills burn through fairly quickly.

    • Terrie Terrie on Nov 28, 2018

      Thank you so much for your answer. I was wondering if the bottom of the grill could handle fire like that.

  • Terrie Terrie on Jun 11, 2020

    I actually sold it and got a charcoal grill.