Need makeover ideas

I inherited this from my grandmother. It always was next to her spot on the couch and she used it as her as an end table and also to store all of her sewing supplies. I don’t even know what its original purpose was and there are no markings I could find. Does anyone know how old it is or what its original purpose was? And any good makeover ideas?
q what should i do with this , home decor, home decor id, painted furniture, painting wood furniture
q what should i do with this , home decor, home decor id, painted furniture, painting wood furniture
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 22, 2016
    I would use it as an accent piece outside with proper preparation for that use.Beautiful flowers in the front with decorative accents on the shelving.

  • Fire1powr Fire1powr on Aug 23, 2016
    So many ideas!! Makes me want to either make or find some more of these! I could use it as: Entry way country style table. That front part looks like it could be a great place for a trash section, then places on the shelves for shopping supplies, winter wear (gloves and scarf?), hats or other pretty entry way items, the end part is for hidden items that you can use command hooks to store (keys if your keys walk, umbrella, purse?) Then finish the top with a mirror tray for cell charging, keys, and in/out mail sorter. Hang a door framed picture gallery over the top with chalk board sections to pull it together. Make sure to do similar paint styles such as distressed antique to harmonize it. I could also be a great all season warping center. The ends could be a place to put Christmas and gift paper without bending. I would use cute baskets, wine rack arrangement or bins for the shelves to organize scissors, tape, tags, boxes, ribbon, bows, etc. Top it off with a pretty surface to use as you bill center when not wrapping. Third idea would be using curtians to hide the shelves on both sides & then use it as a serving cart to bring in tea, coffee and other drinks on top, food items below, and if you line the ends you could have chilled drinks, with or without ice to use outside or in. Fourth idea: outside as my gardening supply center. Long tools in the end away from the handles, smaller tools in racks under the tray, potting soil or other outside supplies need in both the end close to the handles and the second shelf. Line the top for potting, transplanting and other dirty work and place a cooling rack, bread slicing rack or other custom fit grid to hold the pots away from the falling debris. Fifth guest service tray with extra bedding or blankets on shelves, guest welcome items on top of a mirror or stained wood top, bath robe draped over the handle bar, and guest laundry areas on either end. I wonder if it would work as a breakfast in bed service area like hotels have with a Hollywood finish? You can use MDF to give a faux new Art Deco style to the rounded bins. Doors to the shelves with sparkly knobs. Any style of your choice really, but I love Art Deco and Cottage styles...French country maybe with pained window doors and blue printed prints for the curtain behind the glass? I would love to see what you decide, especially if not my idea!

  • Poelstrad Poelstrad on Aug 23, 2016
    To me it looks likeTo me

  • Poelstrad Poelstrad on Aug 23, 2016
    To me it looks like a bar cart with a ice bucket on the side, or you could use it for that.

  • Katy Katy on Aug 23, 2016
    Possibly a tv/game center. It has perfect storage compartments on the sides for controls and all those wires we like to keep hidden. You may have to re-position the handle somehow so that it doesn't interfere with the width of the tv screen. 😊

  • Mary Mosher Mary Mosher on Aug 23, 2016
    This is a tea cart - top would hold the tea service and snacks; shelving would hold china (plates for serving your cucumber sandwiches and tea cakes) etc. What a lovely piece.

  • Diane Jones Diane Jones on Aug 23, 2016
    It would be a great flower cart, you could have some potted flowers but also use it for cutting and arranging fresh flowers and storing the supplies.

  • Lorrie Lorrie on Aug 23, 2016
    That had to have been handmade for a particular purpose. It's not a tea cart. It looks as though an "upcycle." Looks as though there is a barrel on each side that was connected to a table somehow. Its one of a kind. Its really neat.

  • Liz Leblanc Liz Leblanc on Aug 23, 2016
    This is a really nifty peice of yesteryear! I would clean it really well, then most likely stain and polyurethane to maintain its integrity. It can be repurposed into a side table, plant stand, kraft cart, whatever you want it to be! Have fun!

  • Donna Donna on Aug 23, 2016
    This is a Martha Washington seeing cabinet. Your grandmother was using it for original purpose. The finished project is very cute however, as a retired 32 yr antique dealer it breaks my heart when a true antique is remodeled and looses its antique status. As for age there certainly were copies made but the originals are over 100 yrs old. I have one of those!

  • RDC5007833 RDC5007833 on Aug 23, 2016
    I would make it into a bar for drinks on deck porch cut a hole in top for a bucket of some kind the sides could hold cups opener ect. I would put water sealer on it and paint it a wild color

  • Lee Lee on Aug 23, 2016
    At onetime I had a piece called Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet. This may start your information search. It was sorta similar in style and on Google you might get the information you are needing.

  • Candace Poucher Candace Poucher on Aug 23, 2016
    I would love to know if this is an original antique. I think for now I will repair the one broken wheel and clean and polish the original wood finish. Thanks for all of your replies!

    • Janice Furtado Janice Furtado on Aug 23, 2016
      It's not an antique. I believe it is a "novelty" tea cart. the end buckets with lids, are the same mentality as the Martha Washington Sewing tables, but they are not one in the same. The only gain in value with this piece would to make it more serviceable for you use/enjoyment

  • Connie Connie on Aug 25, 2016
    I agree with Janice. It looks like a reproduction from the 50's. I think it would make a great drink station. Go with your favorite colors and try to match your interior. I wouldn't be afraid to paint it to bring to 2016. You could keep the barrel ends as wood and finish the rest off with paint. Put a mirror on the top for a cool effect. Watch Flea Market Flip show for great ideas.

  • Candace Poucher Candace Poucher on Oct 02, 2016
    Well, since I found out it was not an antique I decided to give her a makeover. It my craft/sewing storage and table. What do you think?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 28, 2022

    Look good to me and useful too.