Thrift Store Canisters + Spray Paint = Makeover!

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Welcome to Thrifty Thursdays!
Where every Thursday I will hit up my local thrift shops & post about my awesome finds! (many of which I'm sure will make their way home with me! haha)

I love thrifting! And yes, I do use "thrifting" as a verb. After all, it has made it into the urban dictionary! :-)
Anyhoo, I love taking what has been cast aside & giving it new life. Whether it be using an item as is, re purposing, or giving it a complete makeover...I just find it fun! I also love paying below retail for just about everything I can (who doesn't right?!?!). Somehow, I feel that the money I spend in thrift stores doesn't count. And I justify the fact that "It's only $1.99". Anyone else feel that way? NO, well I guess it's just the shopaholic in me than :)
Today's post is about a couple little diamonds in the rough. When I stumbled upon these cuties, they weren't really THAT cute. They were a strange reddish orange color (I found them pre-blog so no before!). They weren't bad, really, just not at all what would work in my kitchen. But for $1.99 each, you bet they went into my cart!
When I got them home and on my counter, I knew they had to be "spruced up" a bit.
Enter my best friend...the can of spray paint!
Spray painting ceramic or glass is pretty simple really.
Clean it well, give it 2 light coats, seal with a spray poly topcoat if want and you're done!
Don't they look puuurdy?!?!
Just an FYI, spray paint is not food safe.
I did not spray the inside of these so my rice and sugar are safe and sound inside.
So, what lessons can be taken away from this post? Well...
#1 - The money you spend in thrift stores DOES NOT count!
#2 - My name is Erica and I am a shopaholic
#3 - Don't turn away something just because of the color...there is always spray paint :)
Now tell me ; how often do you shop your local thrift stores?
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  • Betty819 Betty819 on Jun 15, 2014
    I see things like this in Thrift stores and I never think of spray painting them. What a terrrific idea! You only spray painted the outside, right? They really turned out pretty. Wished you'd posted a picture of before you painted them.

    • Erica Martin Erica Martin on Jun 15, 2014
      @Betty819 Yep, just the outside since spray paint is not food safe. I wish I had before pictures too! But this was a pre-blog project so, at the time, I didn't need them :(