Top Sheet With a Fitted End

Margaret Powell
by Margaret Powell
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Reconstruct a top sheet to have a fitted bottom so it will stay tucked in but still be easily loosened if you want it freed up.
Center the sheet on the bed with the wrong side of the sheet up. Allow 6 inches to hang below the mattress bottom edge. My sheet was a queen size on a full size mattress so I had more hangover on the sides. I will show you how I took care of this later. Pin the corners pulling the sheet taut between the corners. Measure out 12 inches on each side of the corner and mark with a pin. This is how far out the elastic will go. You will need 12 inches of elastic.
This is how the corners look when you lay the sheet flat.
Sew along the pin line and cut off the excess material leaving an inch along your seamline.
Fold the edge over twice and stitch,, This will reinforce the corners.
This is how the reinforced corners should look.
I had an extra amount on the sides.
I cut this off leaving an inch to turn under for my elastic. This edge was tapered to agree with the hemmed edge of the sheet.
Turn under the edge forming a channel for your elastic. I used 1/4 inch elastic so I wanted the channel to be 3/8 inch so the elastic would insert easily. This is how it looked after stitching.
If you have a bodkin, you can insert the elastic with it. If you don't, you can use use a large safety pin to feed the elastic through.
Insert the needle eye end first. If you have a bodkin, you can insert the elastic with it.
Pull the elastic until the end comes to the beginning of the channel and sew it down securely. Do the same for the other end of the elastic.
This is how the finished corners look.
The finished project! If you want to, you can do all four corners to use those extra sheets.
Suggested materials:
  • A flat sheet turned into a fitted sheet
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  • Jennifer Thompson Jennifer Thompson on Jan 14, 2017
    Genius idea, thanks for the tutorial. Do you think I can craft a fitted sheet, from fabric I purchased, by using your technique on all four corners? And, do you have instructions for making a top sheet?
  • Charles Elmore Charles Elmore on Jan 15, 2017
    You used a queen sheet for making a full bottom sheet. .. what do you use to make a deep pocket king fitted bottom sheet? ??????
  • Son10854373 Son10854373 on Jan 23, 2017
    Great idea and good instructions. I remember when top sheets had fitted long ago. I also remember when bottom fitted sheets actually fit the mattress. My mattress is extremely thick but the "one size fits none" with elastic will not stay tight. Let us know if you figure out how to remove the elastic and stitch the corners so bottom sheets will stay tight.
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  • Margaret Powell Margaret Powell on Feb 21, 2017
    Keep me updated as to how this works for youl
  • Nan Nan on Feb 25, 2017
    Great idea! Linen manufactures should hop on board (patent your idea) and make top sheets with elastic on the bottom. They should also tag the top or bottom of a fitted sheet so it can be set properly on the first try.