Gather Pennies Into A Starburst

Begin with a plywood circle, stain it chestnut, and hot glue on the pennies. Get tutorial here

Flip A Boring Mirror Into A Trumeau

Paint the outer edges white and use contact cement to adhere appliques on the edges. Get tutorial here

Put A Frame On A Builder Grade Mirror

Measure out your mirror, cut pine wood down to size, and put upholstery nails into the frame. Get tutorial here

Create A Nautical Themed Sunburst

Sand down the wood first before putting wood glue on to hold together, and jigsaw out a circle. Get tutorial here

Assemble A Beveled Reflector Over Your Mantel

Attach a large wood header to the top of the mantel and use molding to adhere the mirrors. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Pier 1 Mirror

Chop with a mitered saw the wood, attach corners with wood glue, and stain to desired appearance. Get tutorial here

Craft A Faux Metallic Frame

Design the frame of the mirror from pine, mix up crack filler and wood glue, smear, then spray paint. Get tutorial here

Paint A Border Stamp For A Vintage Look

Pour chalk paint over the stamp, spread it over the mirror, and rough up with a sponge. Get tutorial here

Coat A Plain Mirror In Slices Of Agate

Glue the geodes onto the mirror, mark down the sizing on hardware cloth, and bend onto the mirror. Get tutorial here

Build A Mirrored Wall With Wooden Plaques

Mark the center each of the wooden plaques, glue popsicle sticks between the plaques, and glue on the mirror. Get tutorial here