Redecorate Your Child’s Closet By Color

Spread decorative wallpaper onto the wall, install an IKEA shelving unit, and repaint the closet doors pastel. Get tutorial here

Help Them Save With An ATM

Make specific measurements to the cardboard and cut slits to the size of a credit card. Get tutorial here

Make A Beautiful Chair For Their Playroom

Cut fabric to size on the chair, stuff with batting, staple to the seat, and spray paint a bright pink. Get tutorial here

Update A Chifferobe With Peter Rabbit

Clean out any loose pieces of wood, let wood filler dry, paint green for a gender neutral tone, and put Peter Rabbit decals on. Get tutorial here

Link Train Shaped Frames Together

Trace a train shape on several colors of felt, glue the different parts together, and sew the pocket frame on. Get tutorial here

Set Up A Play Tent For The Summer

Use a jigsaw to make half lap joints, mark the joints with a marker, and hot glue on felt. Get tutorial here

Create A Closet Into A Homeschool

Remove the rods from the closet, paint, and arrange the furniture with hanging shelves. Get tutorial here

Craft A Chest Full Of Treasures

Drill hinges and a clasp on the front, hot glue on faux diamonds, and spray with glitter. Get tutorial here

Build A Table Special For LEGOs

Wipe down the table with cleaner, paint in primary colors, and put LEGO bricks onto the base. Get tutorial here

Stock Their Beloved Books In A Shelf

Saw off the pallets to get equal sizing, attach boards to the front, and knot rope on the sides. Get tutorial here