How do I remove a wall in a double wide manufactured home?

Gini D
by Gini D

We want to open up the wall between the kitchen/ding room and the living room. This is an Original picture before removing thousands of brown coffee filters used as wall paper. Anyone have ideas to find out how, and if it is possible without major support problems?

Wall on the right. It's offset from the center

This is the backside.

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 10, 2018

    You may have to go online to determine if it's a load bearing wall if you don't have the original owner's manual. My brother moved a wall in one but that's all I know.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Dec 10, 2018

    You definitely need Supports when Taking out a Wall. And I recommend also supports in the basement too. However, If I were You, I would take out Two Walls, specifically:

    A. By integrating your China Cabinet into Supports with the Wall you want removed, you Close off that Problem Wall at the Perspective North ^ with a Very Low Budget that entails only: Any Wood Backing for the China Cabinet a Bit of Paint and putting in a Few 4×4×8s as Cross beams after you cut out a Section, measured from the Middle.

    B. Once that China Cabinet integrates Counterclockwise, you have ability to Open up the entire Perspective East -->(where the China Cabinet is) to Create a More Open Floor Plan or even a Bar-Styled Dining Area (like on the Brady Bunch) by Cutting out Room for a Frame.

    C. With an Expanse to and Flow From the Kitchen to the Room you are Presently Attending, the Expanse is the Focus of Attention and you can either redo the Floors with Tile, or Carpet the 'Main Room' to Tile only the Kitchen.

    But that's me. I do not have same options (as my maternal Grandfather already Rearranged Supports, Struts, etc. In closing off an Archway and Opening up a Stairwell). It is made impossible to put it back as it was before my Great Grandfather passed away in 1930's, even though that is what I prefer.

  • on Dec 10, 2018

    Do you know the name of the manufacturer of the mobile home? They would be the best place to start. Contact them and find out more. :)

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Dec 10, 2018

    Well, Gini, I'm a little confused because it is fairly obvious that if you leave the support column I can see on the end of the wall near the stove - you won't have any structural issues. But, because you're asking the question, I'm wondering if you are equipped to take on such a large project. You'll need to demo carefully, patch and repair and do electrical as well as carpentry work. Do you have the tools and skills to do that? If not, maybe a handyman/contractor would be a better bet. In any case, I would definitely check Ann's suggestion above before considering what to do.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 10, 2018

    Need to determine if it is in fact load bearing,you may be able to Google make,model,year for blue prints to see or need to ask manufacturer or reptuable service facility that works on your model of mobile home. If not should be easy tear down,you'll need to cap off any un-needed electric, maybe moving wall plugs to outer wall before you close up the wall,or venting in that area doesn't look like any it should all be under floor on mobiles. Also make sure you don't disturb any plumbing running under floors bracing for anything. It'll be nicer wide open.

  • Jenn Jenn on Jun 26, 2021

    Did you ever remove the wall? I have the EXACT SAME home as you and I am about to remove mine. I’m looking for tips and pointers

  • Gini D Gini D on Jun 26, 2021

    Yes we did! And some other neighbors have also. Non weight baring . The structure walls are in the center of the home running lengthwise. We did leave the 2 posts, because we didn't want to mess with patching and retexturing the ceiling. If you have to take down that entertainment center, the middle shelves are the key. If you lift the shelf bottom you will see the screws that hold it on the wall. I put mine into the back larger bedroom for storage! This is the only pic I can find right now. It was Christmas.