Wood Letter Image Transfer

4 Materials
2 Hours
This is a wood letter project we made for my son's girlfriend for her birthday. She loves volleyball and plays for our school's team, so it seemed perfect.
This video shows a lot more of each of the steps. More than we could include here. Plus in it you can see how we designed the "A". There are also some more images and more detailed information on our website. You can find the article to this project here - http://waylightcreations.com/transfer-image-wood
The first thing we did after creating the image was to add a healthy layer of Mod Podge to the pine board we were using.
Next we applied the print out to the wood. Any type of printout will work. Inkjet, laserjet, copier... they all work the same for this process.
Once you have the printout in place, you can push the air bubbles out with a squeegee or scraper. Even an old credit card will work.
After it dries for a bit, you can add another layer of Mod Podge directly to the face of the printout.
Brush it on in even strokes.
The letter will most likely need to be cut out on a scroll saw. This part is easy if you have one. If not, find a woodworker who can do it for you.
Next, you'll want to paint all of the exposed wood. This will make it look nicer. Also, if the border of your printout was black it will make it seem rather seamless.
The last thing to do is coat the entire thing in on more coat of Mod Podge. This will seal all of the edges so the paper printout will never come off.
That's all there is to it. A pretty simple project that makes a great gift.
If you like this and want to see more make sure you check out our website or subscribe to our YouTube channel here - http://bit.ly/2gubFEz

Suggested materials:

  • Pine Board   (Menards)
  • Mod Podge   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Paper Printout   (At Home)
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