Decorating a Blank Wall!

In the 70's we were at a medical convention in a "million" star hotel near to the arch in St. Louis. Many interesting rooms and restaurants. In one of the restaurants we were seated near a wall that was very textured. While waiting, the nosey person I am had to check out the wall. Our waiter delighted in explaining that the wall decorations in several rooms didn't arrive in time for the grand opening. The staff divided the wall into sections by department. The vertical strips of lathe were already in place so they heavily grouped or plastered between and the staff decorated their sections. Think food items like beans, rice, macaroni. Kitchen items like silverware, beer opener, wine screw. Nuts, bolts, screws, nails. They made patterns within patterns. Added some molding trim to cover the lathe. Painted all over the same soft cream color. It was such a huge success it was not replaced in the 2 years before we got to see it. If you had to wait for service if they were busy you had something fascinating to look at.
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