DIY- History or trivia: DIY/home repair gurus from the past?

I saw a posting ( paper-sack-stairs) that mentioned Lynette Jennings. Always liked her show, but hadn’t thought of her in years. Made me think that it might be fun to reminisce about DIY/home repair gurus from the past.
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  • John Biermacher John Biermacher on Mar 26, 2017
    Thought that since I started this thread I should start it off.

    I remember a syndicated television show titled "Wally's Workshop" It was hosted by Wally Bruner and his wife Natalie was his co-host. Wikepedia gives details on Wally Bruner, who hosted "What's My Line?" as well as Wally's Workshop. When he ran out of time or a project failed, he always recovered with-"well you get the idea"-- not unlike some of our postings.

  • Cheryl J Cheryl J on Mar 27, 2017
    Not tv but, I've always loved reading and going to the library was something to look forward to every week,back in the "olden days" of no internet/ebooks:-) I must have checked out every "Hints from Heloise", "1001 cheap room makeovers", DIY on a dime" type books that library had,more then a few times:-) as a teenager. Those books contained great info/ideas that are still being used today....course might be called "upcycling or reduce/reuse" ect :-).....
    Other then the first few years of "Trading Spaces" the best show I've seen nowadays is "fleamarket flip" it's just fun:-)

  • Susan Susan on Mar 28, 2017
    Kitty (?) and Christopher Lowell! Design on a Dime with Joan Steffend. Why, why, why are all the programs centered around expensive real estate, expensive construction, expensive remodeling? I would think lots of companies would advertise on decorating programming. I just think too much programming is formulaic and unoriginal nowdays.

    (Who was the original crafter? Carol... )