Hear From The Hometalk Community! | Episode 2

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one DIY tool or product would you want with you? And why? Hear responses from the Hometalk community!
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  • Ian Anderson Ian Anderson on May 21, 2017
    Definitely some sort of cutting tool. Either a big, heavy knife or Machete as mentioned. An axe would be a good second choice. With a decent cutting tool I'm confident in my ability to 'out-survive' the lady with vinegar, but if I cut myself with said cutting tool, I'd be sure to seek her out... (assuming we're on the same desert island lol!) ;-)

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    • Cori Widen Cori Widen on May 21, 2017
      Gavi, you're the brilliant-est

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on May 21, 2017
    Thanks Leah for another fun video!

  • Carol Carol on May 21, 2017
    A drop cloth, to protect from sun exposure. "Desert" island says few trees to me, so no big leaves to make a canopy. I also want moisturizer, sunblock if I get to choose, and WiFi for my Kindle. Okay, wifi is stretching it, but my Kindle keeps me sane. And I have a lot on it, so I would be able to catch up on my reading.

  • Tcooper9 Tcooper9 on May 26, 2017
    Tool? Reciprocating saw! Cut trees for shelter, hollow out a log for water, filet fish, cut coconuts in half to match with my stylish grass skirt made from nicely trimmed palm leaves, using my handy reciprocating saw of course!