Crafternoons :Just in Time for Easter

Sorry, currently, not where project is, so no more pictures. Had just this one, on my phone. They are a lot cuter than this looks in my hand. Will try to edit and add, later.

Cute Easter basket...cover your work surface with a wrap such as Saran, etc. I was afraid to try wax or foil. Position a crocheted doily on an overturned, small bowl that you have also covered. Decopouge, liberally, being careful to arrange any part that might be laying flat to your surface. (I made 2; one had overhang that created a lip to the basket. The other had a deeply scalloped edge.) Leave to dry and move to next item.

Cute eggs to fill your basket....blow up small balloons to just egg size and tie them off. Wet with the deco solution and begin wrapping the balloon with string or crochet thread. (I used crochet thread, in a variety of colors.) It is not necessary to completely cover; in fact, the openness is cuter, IMO. Cover liberally with solution, then hang these to dry, using a close pin or paper clip that you catch to the end of the balloon. As they are drying, gently shape into egg, if needed. When they are dry, they are ready for you to gently pop the balloon and remove it from inside the thread. You can also start with a small treat inside the balloon, which will be left in the egg, but this means the egg will be destroyed, to get the treat.

Back to the basket...when dry, remove from "mold." Add a generous spray of clear coat, or color, if desired. I used colored doilies. They are quite inexpensive and shipped very quickly from my source. The heirlooms ones I had were too heavy to hold to mold.

Assemble with or without "grass." I used a bit of shredded paper in one; nothing in another. Both are cute. Remember to balance ratio and size of eggs to basket. Less is more. 3 eggs in a basket made over a small cereal bowl was my preferred.

e just in time for easter
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