So Many People Have Encouraged My DIY's :)

I started my DIY in 2016 because I needed and wanted a fence between my neighbour. There was an 8' opening in the back yard and the neighbour's large dog was urinating on my spice garden. I made a fence out of folding doors, I will post this when my computer problems are fixed.
I was cheered on to complete this project by my daughter and her partner, a cousin, my landlord, and my other neighbour who is 77 years old, he helps me when I needed an extra pair of hands or tools.
I was 70 years old last year and in a slump, letting my ilnesses weigh me down. My daughter's partner introduced me to a friend of his, who gave me a plank of live edge wood that I made a night stand with and posted on DIY. I had also poste 2 bottle opener projects before which gave me feedback from other DIYer's.
But the biggest push I had to come up with more projects and to post them came from Hillela Geduld Who took an interest in my postings. I'm now working on live edge wood dog feeding stations.
Now I just hope I live till I'M 100 YEARS OLD AND KEEP POSTING

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