Why Buy When You Can DIY?

When was the last time that you saw something in the store or catalogue that you just HAD to have….until you saw the price tag? And instead, you made your own version? Share your “copycat” projects, encourage the community to do it for themselves, and be entered to win a fun prize!

What do do: *Start a discussion and to tell us about your DIYed project
*our team will pick a winner to receive a fun prize

e why buy when you can diy
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  • Hate to be a copy cater but this time I just had to have this......a huge farm house cow picture sold online at Pier 1 Imports. So I gathered my large piece of wood and red and white paints and gave it a whirl.

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Feb 24, 2017
    That is why I carry a small sketch book in my purse. I am on a very tight budget, always have been so when I see something ai like and i think I can make it, I make a rough sketch, go home and make it.

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    • DORLIS DORLIS on Feb 27, 2017
      Everything from Christmas ornaments, toys for my cats, a solar shower for the deck. If it hits me and after a few hours, I still like the idea, then I at least tackle it. It is not a matter of not being able to do it, but how great is my desire to do it.