Laminate flooring down an L shaped hallway

by BBB
I have an L shaped hallway and really want it to go perpendicular to the walls, not parallel with them. It's not a terribly wide hallway so the boards will have to be cut to 40 and 36 in length's. The manufacturer says not to have any cuts less than 16 inches. If I don't want that step look where the steps will be 8 -10 inches can I just go board board board down the hallway without cuts? These are short hallways, 12 ft and 6 ft. Will the laminate buckle? Anyone???
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  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Sep 14, 2014
    @BBB can you go to the store you bought them from or to a big box store someone should be able to give you sound advice xx
  • BBB BBB on Sep 15, 2014
    The guys at the big box stores are clueless. When I bought the flooring they were telling me to glue it down and it's a glueless system. Don't think I want to go that route. Was hoping a good handyman/handygal type who has worked with laminate would have an answer on this forum.
  • BBB BBB on Sep 15, 2014
    Thank you for the suggestion anyway.
  • Hannah V Hannah V on Sep 15, 2014
    @Woodbridge Environmental might be able to help on this!
  • @BBB Yes you can run the boards across the hall rather then down the long wall as they suggest. But you will waste a lot of material doing this. However there is no reason why you cannot use full boards across the floor. Just remember to leave about a half inch total between each side for expansion of the boards. Normally you would want at least a half inch on both sides, but the width of the hall is not enough that the floor will expand more then a total of a half inch all together.