How to cover a stain on the ceiling without painting the whole ceiling

by Smr3316911
We had a small leak from our chimney that caused a small stain on our
ceiling. The roof was fixed but the stain stays.

  3 answers
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on May 16, 2018

    you need to use a good primer like zinzer bin 123 to cover the stain before you repaint....but I think that you will need to repaint the whole ceiling...anything less will just look like a patch job

  • TAG TAG on May 16, 2018

    Hi there im a painter and decorator a little tip is you can cover the stain by buying a stain blocker like zinsser 123 or if you have some left over oil based gloss (not the quick drying water based one) paint that over the top of the stain let it dry then paint over with white emulsion or what ever colour your ceiling is. I hope this helps 8)

  • Dee Dee on May 20, 2018

    What I did with a small water stain was to spray paint some polyurethane to seal the stain, then I had some leftover paint from when I painted the ceiling. The stain is gone....