How do I close the space in my laminate floor?


My husband and I put laminate floor in our bedroom, now all of a curtain the laminate has developed large ( separated). How do we close the space or put them together instead of taking all of them up. Thanks

q how do i close the space in my laminate floor

There are other areas in the floor as well.

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  • Mary Thorne Mary Thorne on Sep 01, 2018

    You will need to close those gaps and you may have to take them all up. Any gap would be closer to your baseboard and easier to fill that gap and make it look nice.

  • Satchel Satchel on Sep 01, 2018

    Also..if you need to buy more boards, let them “rest” for several days in a room that is the same climate and temperature as where you will use them. The gaps are likely due to shrinking from a change in temp or humidity.

  • Jami Colich Jami Colich on Sep 01, 2018

    There is actually a product out there that’s about a foot long and has rubber on the bottom. You pay it on the floorboard that’s gapped and tap it back into place. I’m sorry I don’t remember the product but it was very impressive! I’m sure if u google the right words(tool to fix gap in laminate floors?) I will find what I saw. Good luck!

    • Lindy Cratty Lindy Cratty on Sep 02, 2018

      Going to check that out, I have the same problem tho not as severe. Thankyou!!

  • Spacey Spacey on Sep 02, 2018

    Sometimes, if you wear sticky sneakers and follow that line of board, push with sneakers on by sliding the floor boards in 5he direction you need to close the gap. The floor pieces are floating and need pushing back into place. Quick firm pushing under foot, may need to use wall as support.

  • MamaSita MamaSita on Sep 02, 2018

    It's a big gap. One way is to do the sticky sneakers thing. That will fix it until it happens again. I am going to assume this is close to the wall and not in the middle of the room. Too much room from the wall to the board, I usually leave 1/4 inch for laminate as it really doesn't expand much more than that.

    You can cut out the boards without removing the ones to the sides. It's an X cut then remove. Do that with all of the boards up to the wall. You might have to plane off the sides of the new boards you will put down and glue them on the sides to secure it. Use wood glue of course.

    If it's one or two boards from the wall you might be able to get a tapping tool in there and tap the boards back to the right place. Still, they will slide again unless you fix the original problem, which is too much space at the wall.

  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Sep 02, 2018

    Hi Pap, the reason the gap formed is the tongue and groove, which is very clear in your pic, the tongue never made it into the groove!

    Unfortunately, you have 2 choices;

    1. take your flooring up, back to where it’s gapped and fix it properly OR
    2. Go to the wall and line up that row. Use your flooring tools, (hammer and grab bar, and tap it back as best you can. If your subfloor is wood, you might be able to use an air nailer to keep it there.
    3. Did you use spacers around your perimeter? What is holding your floating floor in place, shoe molding, quarter round, baseboard?
    4. This is only going to keep happening, it appears that it was not done properly from the start.

    I truly mean mean no disrespect, but you can now say you have learned the hard way.

    Good luck.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Nov 07, 2018

    You can slide the pieces back together to a less noticeable location perhaps. Then do this to secure them...