How to fix colour of carpet?


Recently I shampooed my lush off-white carpet and it came up great. But any spots I had previously cleaned came up a different colour than the carpet. Any suggestions apart from replacing it completely??

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  • Oliva Oliva on Aug 31, 2018

    Are the spots lighter or darker?

  • What did You use to clean the spots? What did you use to shampoo?

    • KatherineC KatherineC on Aug 31, 2018

      I used different cleaners over a period of a couple years. The shampoo I used went with the shampooer thag I rented. It came up really nice and clean but you can see the previously cleaned spots.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 31, 2018

    Hello there, If you can't get it all over clean yourself, try a Carpet cleaning Co. or You could claim on your contents insurance if you have one for accidental damage! or If you can't hide it, then make a feature of it by adding something to the areas that make it look part of a grand design. eg: Draw flowers on it with Sharpie Pens and repeat it in other places too..... Best of luck.............

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 31, 2018

    My pleasure......

  • So is the original color of the carpet the lighter or darker color? Maybe you should clean it again but this time run a little peroxide and lemon juice through the machine, it will naturally bleach the carpet. If you're feeling brave, regular ol bleach

  • KatherineC KatherineC on Sep 01, 2018

    Thanks. Thats maybe what I will have to do!! (When I'm brave)