How to have cements floors in the house?


I saw on tv where they were flipping a house and they had cement floors. It was really pretty. Do you know how to do this?

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  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Jun 26, 2019

    You could paint or stencil it:

    Hey check out my post:

    In this post I show you exactly how we painted our patio and what paint to use. I know this is not a patio but I would use the same paint indoors as well. It was fantastic paint by Benjamin Moore specifically for concrete. The paint is not a stain though....It is a specific paint for concrete that will seep into the top slightly. It was amazing paint and if I were to use it again I would go with that Sherwin Williams line. Stains for concrete are very different because they contain acid. I haven't worked with concrete stain so I can't give you a comparison. You will have to see what you like more in the end and what effort you are willing to put into it. We picked paint because it was SOOOO easy and I would say easier than painting a bedroom. Good luck. I hope my post helps you!

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Jun 26, 2019

    Hi Rhonda, here is a video on putting cement in the house.

  • What type of a home do you have now? What is your foundation?

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    • Ok, then what you can do is pull up the carpet and have the cement "polished." Depending upon the condition of the slab, they might need to float a layer of cement on top, then polish, or an epoxy finish. Best way to decide how to proceed is to get estimates and have consults with contractors that specialize in this line of work. Here is how to hire.

      Just know it will be very cold underfoot in winter and you will need area rugs. Also very hard on aging bodies or those with arthritis, back or feet problems. After my first back surgery, I had to invest in gel pro mats for the kitchen. Don't cheap out, this is one time to purchase name brand. The knock offs fail in the short term. Pets will also need extra protection under their bedding as it can be hard on them too.

      In some instances they can install in floor heating sandwiched in between the current floor and the float on top. See if that is possible and if it is I highly recommend it.

      The upside is that it is cool in summer and really easy to clean!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 30, 2019

    Are you talking about finishes for concrete floors? most are either concrete paint, 2 pt. epoxy or acid stains. YouTube has lots of videos on the processes...

  • Anita Fix Anita Fix on Jun 30, 2019

    ouch! Your knees and legs will hurt walking on cement all the time.

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    • Anita Fix Anita Fix on Jul 01, 2019

      vinyl plank flooring, you can get extra padding so it soft and feels good to stand and walk on. Very easy to clean, water proof. You don't have to hurry and wipe water off like you do with wood floors. I have remodeled and lived in a lot of homes, it's the best. These floors don't hurt like tile does. Good luck.