How can I put contact paper on the floor to cover old linoleum?

Laurie Seel
by Laurie Seel
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  • Jean Jean on Nov 20, 2017

    don't do it, it will never stand up to the foot traffic.

    if it's really linoleum? it will take an oil-based stain, so as long as you are staying in the same color family, you can scrub a nice new look into the old floor (the technique is similar to 'liming' wood - paint it on, scrub with a rag until it has absorbed or been wiped up)

    if it's vinyl? you 'can' lay peel-and-stick tiles over it, but they are a temporary measure at best.

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 20, 2017

    Yeah I agree.... a disaster in the making..... can you imagine having to peel all those little torn bits off the floor?

    Get some peel and stick tiles, shop around for sales online for cheap ones

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 20, 2017

    no a every day practice,will never hold up,use peal and stick tiles,Linoleum sheets,vinyl planks or tiles

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Nov 20, 2017

    NO. its not designed to withstand wear like that. If the linoleum is in good shape with no spots where its worn thin and the backing is showing.. It can be painted..Several steps: clean, sand lightly to rough up the finish with fine grit sandpaper and clean again to remove all the dust. Prime, then paint,, apply a sealer- several coats to make it durable.. A friend did hers lasted for years.. She used an outdoor paint to withstand weather- sun and rain.. Might have been porch paint.

  • Susanroy36 Susanroy36 on Nov 20, 2017

    yes, either peel and stick tiles, or paint. I used wood look peel and stick tiles and you need to be sure and clean your linoleum and then you also put a primer on it before you lay the peel and stick tile. You can buy it right there by the peel and stick flooring