Gardening Tips : How Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away!

After sharing my post yesterday about adding gardens to your front yard (to celebrate spring & to make lawn care easier!), my mother pointed out how landscaping her yard helped her feel safer from burglars, and it's a proven deterrent. I definitely thought that was worth a share. Here are some landscaping ideas that will help keep burglars away.
Overall, maintaining your yard is a major deterrent in and of itself. It shows the world you are home, and active in your home. Most burglars are just young armatures, looking for a quick in and out- an empty home!
Do you all have any tips and tricks to add to the list?
For more Anti-Burglary tips, check out this report by the National Neighborhood Watch Program:
Sourcing from Julie Kim:
Increase visibility by trimming all bushes and hedges to 3 feet or shorter. You don't want to provide a hiding place burglars. This will also help your neighbors report anything out of the ordinary- they'll be able to see too!
Gravel creates a great deal of noise, burglars will not want to alert anyone to their presence.
Plant low, thorny bushes beneath your windows. Bougainvillea, barberries, roses or any prickly specimen ought to deter break-ins. Yuccas and other large succulents are a lower-maintenance option.
Thick bushes (trimmed low remember!) will also make accessing a window a bit more trouble than it's worth
Using landscape lighting will make your home seem occupied, even while you're not there. You can use solar powered walkway lights to save money, like these:
Adding extra security has never looked so good! The vines look great next to this stylized grate.

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