How can I transfer my orchid.

I have a orchid but mostly of the roots are outside the pot.
q how can i transfer my orchid
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 23, 2018
    choose the next size orchard pot and use only orchid planting medium

  • Bijous Bijous on Mar 23, 2018
    1. If you want to keep the orchid in the same pot, you need to pull it completely out and trim the root system. Those outside the pot now appear to be dried up and can be cut off close to the plant. The roots that are in the pot will need to be trimmed to fit the pot making sure to save the "mother" root.
    2. If you are not sure about doing this, then transplant into a bigger pot. Remove orchid and place roots in bowl of water. Cut off dried out roots. Use a combination of peat moss and orchid bark in the pot. Soak the bark in water and put some along with the peat moss in bottom of new pot. Pot should have a drain hole. Put in orchid and stand upright. Put soaked bark and peat moss around orchid and press down to secure orchid standing upright. You may need to use a bamboo stick or metal wire to assist the plant to stand upright. Water deeply once a week (do not just use ice cubes. That is too cold and not enough water). Use a diluted fertilizer (I use fish emulsion) once a month until plant starts to bloom. Start again after blooming is finished. Plant should bloom in (sometimes Jan.) Feb-Apr (into May, if you're lucky). Good luck.

  • Cri3075948 Cri3075948 on Mar 23, 2018
    all orchids develop air roots-does not mean that it needs to be transplanted

  • Cri3075948 Cri3075948 on Mar 23, 2018
    what type of orchid is it?

  • Erika Erika on Mar 24, 2018
    I really appreciate your advise and time to explain how can I do for my orchid. Thanks a lot.

  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 24, 2018
    first make sure it needs it...some of the roots need to be out of the pot so it can breethe..if the pot is too big, the orchid will just continue to grow roots repot, just lift orchid out, clear all dirt and mulch off,trim off dead roots and repot same as old pot. Dont force roots into pot, they will break.

  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 24, 2018
    It ooks like a phaelenopsis

  • Chicabunny Chicabunny on Mar 24, 2018
    Orchids are very easy to transfer . Must remove roots from existing pot ,so you do not rip them . Next get a pot 2” bigger in size . Pick up orchid potting soil . Fill new pot 1/3 with the orchid potting soil . Put in your orchid with the roots add potting soil to the top . Water and your done .

  • Susan Levy Satarsky Susan Levy Satarsky on Mar 24, 2018
    You can take the orchids out of the pot and shake all the dirt from the roots. Tie the orchids to a tree using the leg of an old pair of pantyhose. Eventually the pantyhose will dissolve and the plant will root to the tree. Orchids thrive on neglect.

  • Sarah Sarah on Mar 24, 2018
    ease do not trim the roots outside the pot! They are healthy and it will shock/kill your plant if you remove them! Check out

  • Heather Ratcliffe Heather Ratcliffe on Mar 24, 2018
    Yes do not trim any roots! They may look dead,but they aren't. Just transfer to a larger pot. I agree with Sarah.

  • Wendy Kirby Wendy Kirby on Mar 24, 2018
    Gently take the orchid out of the pot without cutting or damaging any of the roots. Find a larger pot (with room for the growth of the roots). Get some orchid soil and line the bottom. Gently put the orchid into the new pot. Keep the orchid in a warm, moist place. Water it once a week with spring water.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 24, 2018
    The only roots that need to be trimmed that are dried up, all the outside roots appear to be healthy, you may need to do what I do when I have a question about my six orchids. I go to my local greenhouse where I know they have someone that works with orchids and has orchids at home to deal with all the surface roots as to whether you should put some of them into the pot, they are awfully large to fit in a pot and may break. An experience florist would know what to do. I only use the orchid bark. In the wild they grow on trees in the canopy of the rain forest. They attach themselves to the bark, not moss. The roots growing out of the pot are feeding off the humidity in the air. Make sure the pot you use has good drainage, as the best way to water the orchid is by soaking the bark in water for ten or fifteen minutes and then draining it out of the drain hole. You want to make sure that you mist the outer roots to keep them hydrated and healthy. If it is possible you will have to brace the orchid slowly upwards to not have it hanging over the side. The plant could have been reaching for light, or the weight of the outer roots pulled it down. I would check into some advice from a pro about if you need to put some of the outer roots into the pot for more plant support. Orchids dislike standing water in their pots, it can cause the roots to rot, or invite mold or mildew into the medium. They can survive with the water soak once a week and misting the outer roots and leaves once in a while for a little extra humidity. Use tepid water when you soak the plant, no plant wants a cold bath, especially tropical. Good luck with your orchid, it appears to be doing well, you just need to find out how to take care of the large surface roots and getting it upright.

  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Mar 24, 2018
    You have a very nice phalanopsis orchid. Those roots hanging off the edge are super healthy looking. It looks like your orchid is on a plastic pot. I would carefully remove it from the existing pot and trim the roots that are now hidden in the potting media in the pot because I would bet they are white from From too much water or dry. I would replant in a slightly larger pot which good drainage using an orchid media you can pick up at the large home improvement stores. Carefully putting some of those roots in and leaving some out. Remember orchid plants like to feel secure. By the way, this type of orchid have a stick like center which can be trimmed a little too as long as you don’t go too far. I hope this helps,

  • Susan Levy Satarsky Susan Levy Satarsky on Mar 24, 2018
    I live in Florida.

  • Reenie Smith Shaw Reenie Smith Shaw on Mar 24, 2018
    Hi, I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I saw the nicest, fullest and healthy looking orchids at a community event where different venders were selling their wares...there was a young man there with the most beautiful orchids and I talked to him for a bit and he told me how he grows them... he finds old vintage vases, puts the orchids in them and covers up to 2/3 s of their roots with ocean shells and pebbles, rinsed ofcourse, then covers the plant with water leaving the top say 1/2 and inch sticking out of the water and he says they are always having babies!!! His orchids were honestly beautiful and flowering and so healthy looking! My next orchid, I’m going to do this. He also places them in a bright window or where they can get lots of light.

  • Christel Christel on Mar 24, 2018
    First, the roots MUST be outside the pot. Orchids grow on the side of trees, absorbing water from the AIR around it. There are special pots for orchids...there are holes around the entire pot. Also, you don't use "potting soil". You'll want to get the "soil" just for orchids. Mine took two years to re-flower but it was worth the wait! :)

  • Erika Erika on Mar 27, 2018
     Thanks everyone for answer me.