My favorite Orchids

These orchids have the most exotic smell. It fills the whole room. Two have 4 flowers and one has 5. I'm thrilled.
q my favorite orchids, flowers, gardening
q my favorite orchids, flowers, gardening
q my favorite orchids, flowers, gardening
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  • Harold M Harold M on Feb 02, 2012

  • Faidra at  CA Global Inc Faidra at CA Global Inc on Feb 02, 2012
    Sherrie these are lovely, orchids are one of my favorite florals. Had the opportunity to see them in there natural habitat far up in trees in the rain forest of Costa Rica and Puerto Rica - amazing!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 02, 2012
    Faidra & Harold thank you. The trick I use is to I hang all orchids in the trees. However when it gets colder than 50 I bring them in the house - only to save them. I need a greenhouse.

  • Deborah C Deborah C on Feb 02, 2012
    WOW, lovely!!!

  • Historic Shed Historic Shed on Feb 02, 2012
    Gorgeous! Do you fertilize them? I can't get mine to bloom.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 02, 2012
    Historic Shed, I only use my Koi pond "Fish Poop" to water them which is called fish emulsion in polite society. I hang all of them in big trees that provide a lot of shade. Only when it is below 50 do I bring them inside.

  • Beautiful. Too many people are intimidated to grow them. Have no fear, they are actually not hard to keep alive. I think i have to try placing them in trees.

  • This is so inspiring, you really are a great grower.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 03, 2012
    Your orchids really are amazing, Sherrie. And you do such a good of making them non-intimidating.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 03, 2012
    Thank you all for the nice comments. One more hint - I do not add any type of fertilizer or bloom stuff - just water from my koi pond. They have been here for years and never repotted. There are several kinds of orchids in each hanger. Garden rebel, I leave the growing to nature.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 03, 2012
    I'm jealous....we do a few "batches" of paper whites during the winter to see a little green and get some "flower scents". Our mega dry climate and orchids and not the best match.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 03, 2012
    KMS - post a pic. Your mega cold and orchids are also not the best match.

  • Teresa D Teresa D on Feb 03, 2012
    Lovely. Maybe I will try my hand at growing them this year. I had 2 in a pot and they died quickly. Never understood why. I read up on how to take care of them but to no avail.

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Feb 03, 2012
    Teresa D, indoors I killed every orchid. Outdoors they all thrive. A nice shady area and water once every week or two. The medium (like orchid bark) must drain very well. Enjoy.

  • Luis Lopes-da-Fonseca Luis Lopes-da-Fonseca on Jul 15, 2015
    Do you know the name is this cultivar?

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Jul 15, 2015
    @Luis Lopes-da-Fonseca sorry I don't know the name. I bought them years ago from a lady that grew them at her home and they were not labeled.

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 16, 2015
    It is a cataleya. Which one, I don't know. You could check with your local orchid society

  • Ignazio Ignazio on Sep 05, 2016
    This is a Cattleya. They typically are quite aromatic, but can be termpermental. I live in a norther climate with southern exposure and cannot seem to keep the mealy bugs off of them. One of the pitfalls of living in an apartment on the Jersey shore. Here's a good link that should help those of you interested in cultivating them. An important note - if you acquire one that has not flowered, don't be upset if it does not flower the following year. They generally need 4 - 5 years to grow to adulthood. Good luck to all.

  • Ignazio Ignazio on Sep 05, 2016
    This is a Cattleya. They standard varieties, of which this looks like it is, give off the most wonderful aroma. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, they can be quite temperamental. Here's a link that should give you some sense of whether you can keep one thriving.

    • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Sep 05, 2016
      I'm lucky to live in Florida Ignazio so mine live outdoors until the temp goes below 50. The aroma is wonderful when they are in my home but they are only happy outdoors where they thrive.