What's wrong with my Dogwood?

Can anyone tell me what's causing these spots on my Dogwood and what I can do to correct?
We planted this last February when our dog died (buried her bowl and fave toy with it) so it's breaking my heart that this our "Dixie Pig Tree" (that was our dogs name) is sick!!
I'm in Florida and its been raining like crazy pretty much all summer.
I really appreciate any help! Thanks!
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening, My sick tree
My sick tree :(
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
what s wrong with my dogwood, gardening
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  • Luis Luis on Jul 25, 2013
    @KrysFL, you might find the answer on this site: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/dogwood-trees-diseases-and-problems.html

  • KrysFL KrysFL on Jul 25, 2013
    Thanks I don't think the 'sores' are purple like the diseases identified on that site. But thank you

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jul 25, 2013
    @KrysFL I am not really sure what is wrong with your dogwood. When we had this type of problem with our maple it was an iron deficiency and an alkaline soil. I suggest you bring a sample of the leaves into the local nursery (enclosed in a sealed baggie) They should be able to help you. We also had a similar problem with our flowering crab, but apparently it was due to too much rain and has been since that season. Do update us on the solution.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 26, 2013
    Dogwoods are susceptible to any number of diseases and you are really pushing the envelope trying to grow one as far south as Lakeland. If you purchased the tree from a local nursery, I would do as Gail says and take a sample of an infected leaf to them.

  • KrysFL KrysFL on Jul 26, 2013
    Funny you should say that @Douglas Hunt because I told my mother in law that it was too warm and humid to grow one here. LOL But my neighbor has a big one so I thought maybe we could get away with it. We have had tons of rain @Gail Salminen I wonder if that's what my problem is as well.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 26, 2013
    The Latin for your dogwood is Cornus florida, so it's not that they won't grow anywhere in the state, Krys, but the southern limit is usually given as zone 9A, and I'd be willing to bet you're in 9B. Not that trees read labels. But I do seriously doubt the problem is rain-related.

  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Jul 27, 2013
    And remember with global warming zones are changing. Our SW Michigan Zone 5, moved to a zone 5 B and now its a Zone 6.

  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Pat aka Queen of Thrift on Jul 27, 2013
    I have had a similar problem with a larger dogwood that we planted 2 years ago. We lost one of the two that we planted at the same time before we realized that they were diseased. We thought it was stress from transplanting. I searched online for dogwood diseases and finally determined that mine had anthracnose. I started spraying in February with a systemic fungicide (sorry, I could not find an alternative to chemicals) regularly.....every two weeks for about six weeks. It is looking really good now. I still spray it monthly. I am no authority on plant diseases, but yours looks a lot like mine did. The online search provided me with a lot of information. Good luck!

  • KrysFL KrysFL on Jul 27, 2013
    Thanks Pat... and I am not scared of chemicals so if that's what it takes....

  • Jeannette Fisher Jeannette Fisher on Jul 28, 2013
    Douglas Hunt , I am in Altamonte Springs. The City gave trees away on Arbor Day and I got a Dogwood. It starts out every spring beautiful. But ends up looking similar to this one. Are Dogwoods an up North tree?

  • Trish Ross Trish Ross on Jul 28, 2013
    We have beautiful Dogwoods here in Alabama....and we do get a lot of HOT weather here.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 29, 2013
    Dogwoods do very well in northern Florida, @Jeannette Fisher, but I'm not sure it was the best tree for Altamonte to give out. We are really at the southern limit of their range here.

  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Pat aka Queen of Thrift on Jul 29, 2013
    I have three dogwood seedlings that I got from the Arbor Day giveaway this spring. Mine don't look healthy even though they are growing. I potted them and am very faithful to spray regularly for disease. I have fed them and even sprayed for insects. I plan to plant them in the back yard this fall but if the discolored leaves do not improve I may change my mind. I have worked too diligently to save the one I have to take a chance. Time will tell.

  • Patty Patty on May 12, 2014
    I always plant my dogwoods where they get a little shade, usually under a bigger tree that is how they get the beautiful shape to their canopy's, and if I don't plant them under larger trees I still plant them where they can get afternoon shade. If you live in a hot climate I would suggest afternoon shade.