When us the best time of the year to prune rose bush in Virginia?


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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 22, 2018
    late winter before the new growth emerges

  • Kristina D Blatz Kristina D Blatz on Feb 22, 2018
    When the rose bush starts to come out of dormancy - you will see the new growth as knobs. Do not prune below the last of the new growth. After pruning, fertilize with your choice of fertilizer. My preference is a granular that will slowly feed and not a water-solvable.

  • Annie Annie on Feb 22, 2018
    Right now! I never knew they should be trimmed this early in the season and kept waiting too long. They got very messy looking due to my ignorance. This was for well established knock out roses. If you know the cultivar of yours, look it up.

  • Mim2406246 Mim2406246 on Feb 24, 2018
    In Virginia, the right time to fertilize is when the forsythia bloom. Now is a bit too early. A good choice for a fertilizer is an organic one as synthetic fertilizers contribute to a build up of salts in the soil. It is okay to prune anything that is dead, damaged, or diseased at any time. The best first step at pruning time is to have a soil test done to see what nutrients might be missing and to check to see if the soil pH is correct for roses. If the soil pH for roses is too low or too high the rose bush cannot use the fertilizer.
    Best of luck with your roses